That’s right. Doughnuts.

Tomorrow morning, I’ll be getting up at 5:00 to drink coffee and eat a banana.

At approximately 6:20, Meredith and I will be leaving the house to pick up two of her friends.

We will then meet up with their Girls on the Run group for the girls’ very first 5K.

It will be 37 degrees Fahrenheit, and that’s 2.78 Celsius, and that’s cold. I just put my clothes out. From the top down and outside in, I’ll be wearing a hat (the twin to the hat I made for Bruce Springsteen), a jacket, a long sleeved shirt, an undershirt, a sports bra, running shorts, running capris, underpants, my knee brace, my running shoes, my running socks, and my ankle brace.

Here we go again! (Meredith and I are running a 5K together on Saturday.)

When we return to the house after the race, there will be doughnuts waiting for us. Specifically, vanilla long johns. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

5 thoughts on “That’s right. Doughnuts.”

  1. good for you! sorry about the cold. I highly recommend those silver emergency blankets, save out tushes at the color run!

  2. Doughnuts. Ahhh, yes — a sweet memory from the far-distant past :-) Enjoy an extra sploodge of the filling for me if you can sneak any from someone else’s, OK?

    And, may your feet be fleet! Go, girls.GO!!

  3. I should’ve thought of the doughnuts!! We could have had them in the car for after the race. Thanks for coming out and running with the girls. We REALLY appreciate you!!

  4. I hope the run went well! We are off to a soccer game shortly and it is only 42 degrees here. Fun! Fun! What we do for our kids.

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