Let’s look at the next 72 hours!

Today! Meredith’s friend came over at 6:30 in the morning which always makes for an EARLY morning, and I realize that 6:30 isn’t all that early, but when you have to be ON at 6:30 and you are me, 6:30 is early. I dropped the girls off at school at 8:30 and headed straight to the grocery store where I purchased dinner supplies for the week. $64 for a family of four to eat dinner for six nights, along with a few extras. Not bad. (Note: I was unable to find plain peanuts and plain sunflower seeds. I don’t want roasted nuts or roasted seeds. I don’t want salted nuts or salted seeds. The October 2012 Seed and Nut Hunt ate up quite a bit of time. It’s a living hell out there.) After returning home from the store, I assembled the slow cooker chili, and at one point during the assembly process, I accidentally threw tomato paste all over my glasses, hair, and pants. I met a friend for lunch. I finished a short freelance project. I’m currently getting ready to pick the kids up from school, take them to piano lessons, return home for dinner, and then pass the parenting baton over to Jeff so I can hang out with  Tempe for a bit. (Sephora! Teavana!)

Tomorrow!  Meredith has choir practice at 7:45. Harper has to be at school at 8:30. I have a headache doctor appointment in the early afternoon. Sometime I need to pick up the rest of the girls’ Halloween stuff along with some protein shakes. (I’ve re-injured my ankle/heel, and I’m telling myself that a few protein shakes will fix it right up! If you think I’m wrong, please don’t say anything. Mind over matter! Protein to the heel! (Also, ice and ibuprofen.)) We have parent/teacher conferences at 5:40 and 6:00, and we typically follow those with a frozen yogurt.

Wednesday! Halloween! (I’m not a fan of Halloween.) Also, it’s my final day of posting every day for a month!

This morning I signed on for a mystery hat knit-along. I needed to have something fresh and exciting to get me through the election. This will be perfect.

I hope your Monday is going well. I thank you for your patience. The moon is really pretty this evening. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

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  1. I actually am a big fan of Halloween- but for the costumes and the fun neighborhood and the pumpkin carving- not so much on the candy. Today was my busy day- but it’s all done now and I’m about ready to say goodnight(but I had to check for a post…..) . Just going to say it now-November is going to seem very dull and quiet without your posts. How about NaBloPoYear?

  2. P.s. when my husband was a vegetarian his chili had bulgur in it- which mimicked the texture of finely ground beef. We liked it do much we still put it in chili even though now it has beef in it.

  3. Have you tried Vega One protein powders? I managed to get a sample of the chocolate powder, loved it, and now willingly hand over my hard earned $ for the stuff. It’s 100% vegan, and is NOT whey or soy protein (have to avoid soy b/c of the whole mimicking estrogen thing, and I can’t remember what it was I read that made me believe too much whey derived protein was maybe not the best idea.)

    I’ve been using the “VegaSport” version with my marathon training (in addition to the pre-workout energizer & the during workout hydration stuff) but I liked the taste of the original Vega One powder better than the sport version. You can mix it with water or juice or whatever you like; I tend to use either cold coffee (I make 2 pots at the beginning of the week, which I let cool & keep in a gallon container in the fridge for quick iced coffee) or unsweetened coconut milk as the liquid portion.

    I hope the heel heals quickly!

  4. $64/week for a family of 4?! Kudos. Hmmm – chili for supper tonight, good idea.

  5. I am buying more and more groceries from Amazon, I kid you not. When I am looking for something specific, you know. You do sort of have to buy a lifetime supply, but hey! Nuts and seeds freeze well.

    I am in denial over Halloween this year. I liked taking the kids around the neighborhood, but they are too old for that now. I do NOT like answering the door and handing out candy. I forgot to buy pumpkins! Possibly on purpose!

  6. My morning is going well. My toes are cold, and I need to fold some laundry. Otherwise, all is well. $64 for a week of groceries is an awesome feat of shopping acumen. I’ve enjoyed your daily posts this month. I think I’m going to NaBloPoMo November again. Maybe.

  7. $64 is amazing, being gluten free (even making everything myself is expensive, all those flours etc.) I am never even close to that.

    Do you have a really good coop near you? They often have nuts and seeds in bulk, raw or toasted. If you have a largish Whole Foods close by, they often do as well. The smaller ones are much more limited.

  8. I was hoping you wouldn’t notice October was about to end, and you’d keep posting everyday. I look forward to your updates each evening.

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