If you’re unable to drink out of a can, you might need glasses!

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Because you guys were so helpful in your comments, and because so many of you expressed an interest in Rivet & Sway, the company has given me a $25 coupon code to share with you! Just enter ANGELASWAYS during the prescription checkout process. (Don’t enter it while ordering your Home Try-On kit. The kit is always free!) Let’s get glasses together!!! How fun is this?! (The code is good through 4/8/13.)

Do you remember way back in November of 2010 when my eye doctor told me that I needed glasses?

I did what anyone would do. I came home, I took a cruddy photo of myself, and I started the process of trying on different frames. Virtually.

It started out innocently enough.

Tiffany TF2002B Black

But, you know me. I get overwhelmed so easily, and that’s when I start acting squirrelly.


Oakley OKGS11931 BlackAccident

It didn’t take long to realize that I would never have luck with the online thing. I grabbed my keys and drove to an actual store where I chose some frames and was then talked into a bunch of weird extras that I didn’t completely understand. I walked out feeling sort of bummed because the sign on the door told me that All Frames Are $99!, yet I had just written a check for over $300. (Yes. I still write checks. Sometimes I’m cute like it’s 1983.)

Fast forward to December 29th, 2012. I told you about my teapot. I told you about my yarn and my spinning class and I casually mentioned that I was excited about being able to choose some new frames (the kind you wear on your face) in 2013.

Because Fluid Pudding is my vision board (By the way, don’t get me started on vision boards.), two days later I received a message from Rivet & Sway—an eyewear boutique designed exclusively for women. Full Disclosure: They told me they would comp a pair of glasses to me if I share the Rivet & Sway process with the folks who stop by Fluid Pudding. In other words, an amazing place is offering an amazing deal, and I’m under no obligation to say nice things. (The good news? I have nothing BUT nice things to say.)

Here’s how Rivet & Sway works.

1. You go to the website.

2. You take a look at the frames.

3. You narrow down your choices depending on the shape of your face and the size and color of frames you might want.

4. If you get stuck and need some advice, you contact the personal stylist, who is SO nice and SO smart. (I told her that my face is oval, and I sent her this photo so she could see my current frames and my skin tone and my hair color and my silk scarf. (I really need to wear that scarf more often.))

5. Less than 24 hours later, the stylist will send an e-mail recommending styles that she feels will look great, and she then suggests that you add the styles to a Home Try-On kit. (She recommended four styles for me. I chose my favorite three out of the four and added them to my Home Try-On kit. The Home Try-On thing was vital for me. After messing around with the virtual try-on process at several other online stores (See the mustard shot above. Really. I cannot be trusted to do these things correctly.), I knew I couldn’t handle trying on pretend frames. BUT, I’m scared to walk into an actual store knowing that I can pretty much be talked into anything.) For Rivet & Sway’s Home Try-On, you order up to three frames, they arrive in a few days, and you then have three days to try them on and feel their weight and wear them in public and ask your family and friends to tell you what looks best. Genius.

6. On Day Three, you box the frames back up, attach the pre-paid and pre-addressed label to the box, and you send them back to Rivet & Sway. It’s so easy. You are under NO obligation to order, but if you DO order? Your new glasses will cost $199. That includes the frames and the prescription lenses and coatings. (The advice from the personal stylist, the Home Try-On, and the shipping is always free.)

My Home Try-On frames arrived on Friday, and although I’m about 94.5% sure of the ones I’ll order, I would also like to ask for your opinion.

This is me in the Street Smart frames. Picture me wearing these frames to the library to check out the latest John Irving book. I’ll then come home, put in some freelance time, and prepare my boring treasurer reports for the PTO meeting—all while looking very stylish and smart. (I have no idea how to smile for photos, so I tend to smirk or wince. With that said, I AM happy with my hair in this shot. (I’m trying so hard to balance my negatives with a positive. I had three cookies for lunch. And then I ate hummus. See?))

Street Smart

This is me in the Faster Pussycat frames. I see myself eating doughnuts in these glasses. Also, sushi. Actually, as soon as I tried these on, I felt a swirly and warm spark. I wanted to throw on a skirt. I wanted to seek out an unlikely gathering of trombone players. I wanted to knit a beret and hand it to someone who is clearly in need of a beret!

Faster Pussycat

This is me wearing the Je Ne Sais Quoi frames. Picture me wearing them while steeping up a tumbler of hot tea and perhaps heading out for a Pilates class. (Pilates. I know! I’m clearly in a state of metamorphosis, which brings to mind the phrase, “Pupa?! Supa DUPA!” Get this: I’ll be heading to the J five times this week to try out various fitness classes. My synapses are firing completely differently than they were last year at this time.)

Je Ne Sais Quoi

I know it probably sounds silly, but what a fun diversion it was to get frames in the mail and play with them over the weekend! (I played responsibly, of course.) If you’re needing new glasses, please give Rivet & Sway a shot! (Even if you’re not NEEDING new glasses, but want to shake up your style and attitude, go to their website! Seriously—I’m suddenly seeking out trombone concerts and hanging out at libraries and gyms!) I’ve been singing songs about Rivet & Sway all weekend. (I also really like The Character Study and The Punchline!)

(Let me know if you order a Home Try-On kit! I can’t wait to hear what you think!) ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

42 thoughts on “If you’re unable to drink out of a can, you might need glasses!”

  1. Honestly I really like them all. And it just dawned on me you look like a much younger version of Judi Dench.

  2. I like the bottom two — with slight weight to the very bottom b/c the are just a little unconventional, and the middles ones seem more conventional to me. Everybody’s wearing those types of glasses. They look good, just are more common.

  3. They’re all pretty great, but if forced to choose I’d say the second ones are the best.

  4. I couldn’t choose even if I had to! I love them all and when I finally go get my dimming lights checked, I’ll definitely use this site!

  5. I vote strongly for the second pair. The first pair are cute, the third I think age you a bit but suit your face shape etc. Anyway, I think the 2nd fit your personality the best and they are super adorable.

  6. I like Faster Pussycat (the second pair) the best also. I don’t wear glasses, but when I am no longer able to proclaim that “my arms are still long enough,” I will definitely check out the site.

  7. Overall, I think the 2nd pair. Although I like the little pop of color in the third pair, because it brightens up your coloring a tiny bit. All three would be very good choices. Also – The Punch Line are super cute, and if you decide to get a backup pair, I think you should have them send you those for a home try on and see how they look in person.
    I just got new glasses – but I love this home try on system – because how we do it around here is that the person getting glasses goes with two other coworkers and tries on like 50 pairs, and then narrows it down to three – and then you consult stakeholders like spouse, etc., and then pick.
    SO – I could really see us all looking at the website, and the picking a few for home try-on to decide!

  8. Maybe it’s just me, but have you ever tried some of the frames on which the ear pieces (stems?) come from lower down, like from the middle of the side of the front part (I’m *so* good with these technical terms, aren’t I :-) instead of from the top corners? An example from their site (to which yes I did go so see, you’re getting points for this review already :-) would be their “Kairos” style. You’ve probably considered that already, and really, any of these three would be fine. I’d just love to see how you would look in that other type for comparison before deciding.

    How very fun though to be able to make these decisions with real-life frames and at your leisure instead of under in-store pressure. Good job, Rivet & Sway!

  9. I like the second pair. The first are a little too narrow for your face and the color of the third one doesn’t compliment you as much as the darker ones.

  10. Faster Pussy Cat for sure. Street smart are good. Not keen on the Je ne sais quoi. Great service from Rivot&Sway. Wish they had that in Oz.

  11. The faster pussycats!!!!!!! I wasn’t going to say anything, but someone said it first, therefore you can’t hate me for saying it first, but… the first ones do make you look older… but a nice refined older, but still… old…er… ish… thing. I need new glasses soon, but I don’t know if I can make a three day turnaround mailing something back because I’m incapable of going to a post office in a strict time frame.

  12. Pussycats, I think. I have the worst time picking out glasses, and I’m pretty sure it’s because I don’t like having them in the first place…thanks for the recommendation. Next time I need an update I’ll definitely check them out!

  13. I vote for faster pussycat too! I just ordered a pair today for over $300 (trifocals). There would be no way I could select frames on line – I have to try them on for real.


  14. Thanks so much for the awesome, fun post Angela. Really appreciate you giving the Rivet & Sway experience as shot and hope we were able to exceed all of your expectations!

    John Lusk
    Rivet & Sway CEO

  15. What a great idea, and wouldnt you know it my husband told me to buy new glasses as a Christmas present! I’ve made the eye appt and now I am going to check this out post haste! Do you think you could talk them into a discount for your readers?

    But, enough about me. I like all three, but I like one and two better, and two the best.

  16. I like the actual #3 the least but like them the best on you! #1 looks too wide and #2 comes down too far on your cheek – in my opinion. My new frames are Harry Potteresque which is all well and good except when I’m trying to merge out onto the highway and find myself looking past the side of the frame, which means I can’t see oncoming cars at all…..

  17. So glad you posted this; I was just thinking today that I need some new glasses! I like them in the order of your photos, although #2 is a very close second.

  18. So, I like #2 the most, I think. #1 is good also, but looks similar to your current glasses.

    I often wonder about these online glasses ordering things – I have weird eyes & a prescription that requires specialty lenses & coatings. (I spent $400 last time I bought glasses. Which I only wear at night or in eye emergencies.) Yeah.

  19. I like the Faster Pussycat, too — they are almost conventional but have just a little bit of edge. I went to the website and saw that they come in 2 other colors. I think the greenish hornrim color in those would be great on you!

  20. I like the first and third ones. I actually think the second pair makes you look older.

    And way to go with getting the CEO of the company to post a comment on your page!!

  21. The top pair is too small for your face. The bottom pair has grey in the frame and you shouldn’t buy trouble. And come on. Who doesn’t smile when they say FASTER PUSSYCAT? It’s almost time for me to buy some new frames also, I always go retro…

  22. They are all nice–as I was doing the scroll down, I said–oh the top ones, then oooh I like the second ones but then the bottom ones are nice, so, I got my 3-yr-old boy to help and give his opinion.

    He said this “my like the bottom ones, you like the middle ones and my papa likes the top ones” even though his papa is out getting groceries. I do like the middle ones the best, I think, but the top ones are awesome too. You actually can’t go wrong with any choice–nice to have a stylist help out with the picking. I like this idea!!!

    Enjoy your new glasses! Max also says “she pretty. My like her earrings.”

  23. I like the second ones best!

    Have you heard of Warby Parker? They have a similar concept, but most of their glasses are pretty chunky/hipstery. I like them but I think I’ll try Rivet & Sway for my next glasses!

  24. I’m sure I’m too late to this party for my opinion to count, but I’m chiming in because I think what I discovered is interesting.

    I’ve personally worn glasses for sixty years, so I’ve spent a lot of time looking at frames and how they fit with who we are and what we want to be and how cute is which.

    So I looked at all three pictures and immediately discounted the first ones because they seem a little boring on you, and you’re not a boring person. The second ones are perfect. They are cute and a little trendy and just the perfect shape. So I was going to vote with the majority who say Faster Pussycat is the way to go. But I can’t stop looking at how pretty you look in Je Ne Sais Quoi, and I realized that the middle ones are perfect for me.

    I’m an old woman. You’re not. You will look adorable in whichever of those three you choose, but I wish I would look nearly as smart and quirky and pretty as the way you do in that last picture.

    So, which ones did you choose?

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