Unsolicited Bacon

Well, that week passed by quickly, didn’t it?

Let’s see. I gave my dogs their heartworm preventatives, I made a zucchini lasagna, I went to Pilates and spinning, and I joined Tempe and my mom at The Melting Pot where the guy in the kitchen PUT BACON ON MY SALAD AFTER I ORDERED IT WITHOUT BACON AND I TOOK A BIG BITE OF SALAD WITHOUT NOTICING AND UGH. BACON.

(I know. I went all caps in real life, too. I realize it sounds ridiculous, but I’ve been a vegetarian for quite some time now, and Hhhhhhh. I now feel like I’m back at Day One. Jeff has assured me that this isn’t the case because it wasn’t intentional, but still. Still. I don’t want to talk about it. I know I sound petty. It made me sad. That’s all.)

I finished knitting a shawl for a woman in Florida who sends amazing Christmas presents to my kids even though she has never met them.

Seraphim Shawl

I put some time in on a cardigan that will eventually look like this, but now mainly looks like this:

2013 Cardigan

Most importantly? My Rivet & Sway glasses arrived yesterday afternoon! (The story is here in case you just tuned in. Don’t forget, the ANGELASWAYS coupon code will score you $25 off a pair of glasses until April 8th, 2013!)

I tried to get a decent photo of myself wearing my glasses this morning. I was sitting in a parking lot and the sun was positioned in a way that made it look as if I was shooting rainbows out of the side of my face. Sadly, after five or so failed attempts, I started throwing my crabby face. You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit. (Unless someone puts unsolicited bacon on your salad.)

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26 thoughts on “Unsolicited Bacon”

  1. I like the rainbows shooting out of your face.. pretty…
    Bacon.. the crack of all meat.. at least it wasn’t accidental “liver”.. I would hate to have accidental liver..

  2. “UGH. BACON.”


    You’ve come a long long way since the glory days of those Pig Candy posts, Angela.

    Very sorry to hear you got blindsided by unwanted bacon, though. But hey, if ever we get to have lunch together again, and you order a salad without bacon, I’ll reinforce the matter in the mind of our server by eagerly asking that the portion that would normally have gone on yours be added as extra to mine instead.

    Sadly, I fear that however good my intentions may become (and I’m working on it!) regarding the move toward vegetarian or veganism, the best I will ever achieve is “flexitarian” status. Bacon, well, and of course ice cream, will be my downfall.

    The glasses are indeed great, and I for one absolutely love that rainbow effect!

    Go you!!!

  3. The glasses! They are wonderful!

    Boo to the salad preparer who added salad. (And they still charged you? Unbelievable.) Please do not consider yourself back at day one. It is not so!

    And again – the glasses are perfect.

  4. I think I would contact the restaurant and reiterate the situation. They most definitely should NOT have charged you for the salad that you did not eat. They definitely should have gone much further/farther than they did to establish good will on their part. Disappointing and arrrrggghhhh (not in a piratey way).

  5. Hmm, I don’t give my dog her heartworm preventative in the middle of winter but maybe I should. And I once accidentally gave my very vegetarian friend Imo’s with sardines on it. She counts it- believe me.

  6. So before I went negative meat, I was all “Eh, what’s the big deal? Remove the bacon, eat around it, whatever.”

    I HAVE SEEN THE ERROR OF MY WAYS! Sincerest apologies for any eye rolling I might have done. It is a big deal. And annoying. And not cool.

  7. You could do a day of juice cleanse and an extra hour of volunteer work to to pay the karmic debt? Balance in all things right? :) I totally dig your rainbow lenses…kinda like how you seem to see the world…and bring it to others (corny but true).

  8. Awesome glasses! My eye appointment is in 2 weeks, can’t wait… mainly because I need a new prescription so I can see. As far as the bacon fiasco (I would have totally thrown myself on that bacon to save you)… instead of punishing yourself for some asshat’s lack of attention to detail, you should just imagine going batpoop crazy on the guy in horrible ways… makes you feel better, and keeps you out of jail (although I’d totally bail you out)

  9. I sympathize with the byproducts of your salad’s being accosted by meat products. As a non-vegetarian, though, I admit that the receipt of unsolicited bacon on pretty much any foodstuff is generally grounds for rampant high-fiving. So, I feel your pain (empathy!), but fail to understand it (meat-eater’s dilemma!).

  10. So, what shawl is that? It is just lovely.
    I have decided to donate knitted goods to both of my boys’ school raffles. I have no idea what to make. I feel like cute kid hats would sell well with relatively little work for me. But I wonder if a big item would be better. I also wonder how I would give something that lovely away, especially if I did not know it was going to a good home.

  11. The glasses look great! The rainbows are an added bonus.

    Last fall, in my effort to swing towards veganism from ovo-lacto (which I still have yet to accomplish, is that spelled wrong? It looks weird) we ordered take out vegan pizzas from a joint near my folks house. I had gotten to the point of being off dairy long enough to no longer crave it, then blind sided by real cheese instead of cashew cheese. Back to dairy cravings. It was, however, really delicious and I didn’t know until I had scarfed down multiple pieces. If we had been at the restaurant I would’ve mentioned it, but since we were eating it at my folks, who had gladly gone along with vegan as the pizza choice, I decided not to make a stink. Anyway, my point is, I feel your pain. But I don’t think it sets you back in your Vegetarian Tally, you just suffered some salad cross-contamination.

    P.S. that is a beautiful shawl

  12. Oh–are those the “Faster Pussycat” frames? Very cute and I never knew that new glasses made you spontaneously explode rainbows–I’ll have to tell that to my hubby who is getting the dreaded bi-focals next week! :)

    So sorry you baconed–but it wasn’t your fault–maybe it was fakin’ bacon? I’m trying to not eat desserts over here, not working so well, so I have solicited help from my 3-yr-old boy to tell me not to eat dessert or cookies. We’ll see how that goes! :)

    Hugs–don’t worry–you won’t be baconing again anytime soon, right? That’s the important thing!
    Loving the shawl!

  13. I’ve done this vegan fast a few times – it’s three weeks long – it always nearly kills me, only cause of giving up the wine. Anyway, the fast talks about grace, like having coffee with a friend, where normally you are only allowed water, you don’t want to make your friend feel bad so the least of these would be an herbal tea. I think an unintentional bacon would fall under grace.

  14. You’re only back at day one if you discover that you’re feeling withdrawals from the meat-crack. Do you think that a person who has a peanut allergy and accidentally eats a peanut follows their near-death experience with a “Wow, back at square one on the no peanuts thing again.” ‘Course not!

  15. If I accidentally drink any Coke, all I want and am and will ever be is my hunt for the next Coke.

  16. Hey Faster Pussycat! That stinks about the bacon. I bought my daughter a grilled cheese at Panera that had bacon in it (she hasn’t had any land animals in 3 years) and felt awful when we realized it two bites in. We pretend like it never happened (do not tell anyone). It doesn’t count, you didn’t know.

  17. Oh, good. I was waiting until you posted a pic of your new frames to say, “Those are the ones I picked!” You have no idea how long I went back and forth.
    Sorry about the bacon thing. I guess that’s why I don’t eat out much.
    P.S. My beautiful fingerless mitts have been the one bright spot in the freezing, dreary winter we’re having here. Like rainbows in winter!

  18. you’re like a vampire in the sun (this reference will only make sense if you read Twilight… sorry)

    Love the glasses. I pick up my FIRST reading glasses tomorrow… I expect it’s all downhill from now on.

  19. I read your blog regularly, but I rarely comment because you’re so funny that I don’t feel like I have much to add. (Does that make sense?) But today I just had to tell you that as I was catching up, I laughed out loud more than once. :) The rainbows shooting out of the side of your face sent me over the edge though (in a good way).
    And I can totally understand the whole get-out-of-the-mall-now thing. I am supposed to go on a mother-daughter church retreat this weekend, and I’m terribly anxious about it. I prefer not to be in public these days (GERMS!) At least we have to provide our own linens.
    Anyway, thank you for the laugh. And your knitting always blows me away.

  20. And just for the record, I am not laughing about the bacon (although you are an excellent story teller, so I appreciate that)…I’m sorry that happened and can understand your sadness. (Hopefully it was temporary.) (And now after not commenting much at all, I’ve commented two times on one post. I’ll go now!)

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