My tight pants. My bald head. My week at a glance.

Every year I gain ten pounds over the holidays, and every year I lose ten pounds before the end of February.

Today is February 25th. (Only ten months until Christmas!) I have managed to lose three of my ten pounds. This can only mean that old lady crap metabolism has set in and that I’ll have to start moving around more than twice each week to get down to Status: My Pants Fit. New Plan? Lose the remaining seven pounds before the end of April, and gain only 5 pounds during the holidays. Easy. (Hopefully. Stinking Oreo Balls.)

One of my very favorite people is organizing an auction for the End Women’s Cancer Walk. I’m going to be knitting an Annis to donate to the auction. Because I’m absolutely terrible with deadlines, I’m going to use Fluid Pudding to hold me accountable throughout the next two months. I did my cast on last night.

Auctionable Annis

I’ll keep you updated. Weekly, maybe. Or weakly. We’ll see. (If you would like to contribute anything to the auction, let me know! I can hook you up with the details.)

Spoofing Update: In the past 72 hours, only one person has cursed at me and accused me of stealing their credit card information. This might mean that the end is in sight! I have no idea! (I remain hopeful, because the hopeful people are the most charming, don’t you think? (The pessimistic ones always get those scowled up forehead wrinkles, and those are not always adorable.) By the way, I’m going to get my hair cut in the style of a Shaven Theron on Wednesday morning, and would you rather I be a pleasant bald lady or a scowler bald lady? That’s what I thought! Where was I?)

This week is crazy with meetings and conferences (meetings and conferences are two very different things!) and appointments (something else entirely!) and vegan spinach alfredo (dinner!) and shortened school days (no worries! we still meet our required 1,044 hours!) and surgeries (my mom’s ankle!) and veggie kebobs (lunch!).

Let there be peace on Earth, and let it begin with me. (I capitalize when I’m talking about the planet. I sometimes put my commas and periods outside of the quotation marks. A good friend of mine calls it intuitive punctuation, and I’m nothing if not intuitive.)

Is it time to do another BreadPuddingAlong? Three years have passed! ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

11 thoughts on “My tight pants. My bald head. My week at a glance.”

  1. I love you.
    also, if it makes you feel better about the spoofing, my friend’s 18 month old sent out spam to everyone last night, and when my friend logged into the yahoo account to see what was up, it appears his barely-a-toddler was in Poland at 2 am….

  2. I have something I can donate. Can you email me, and I can send you a picture of it to see if you think it’s something she would be able to auction off?

  3. Bread pudding is my all-time favorite dessert. I’m at a conference this week – but I see no reason that I cannot join the fun when I get home! Count me in.

  4. I too love bread pudding…Also, I thought Charlize looked beautiful in her short cut at the Oscars. It prompted me to say out loud–“I love her hair, don’t you?” To which my husband replied, “not so much.” Now, my hair is about the same length….he’s such a stuck back in the 70s hair guy…thinks every woman should have Farrah Fawcett or Wonder Woman hair. Hmph! Thank you for allowing my rant. In all other ways he is an enlightened man.

  5. I just may be down for the challenge of making a grain-free bread pudding. Yes! Sign me up!

    Also, that hair is how I wanted mine to look when I shaved my head. But I have porcupine hair. In order to get it to lie flat like that, I had to wrap my head in scarves and swan about with a martini in one hand and a long cigarette holder in the other for HOURS. Worth it!

  6. That is beautiful yarn. The color is my favorite. Do show us the finished product when you’re done!

  7. Fight club! Sorry to hear those lbs. have taken up residence instead of just passing through. Through my fight club efforts I managed to lose 0.00 lbs. The forties are a real kick in the pants. Started with bifocals, have added the spare tire, and I’m staring down the barrel of menopause.

    That is beautiful yarn!

    There is a good vegan chocolate bread pudding recipe in Robin Robertson’s 1000 Vegan Recipes. (There are a bunch, but once you’ve hit chocolate it is hard to move on to a different recipe.)

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