Unintentionally Taciturn

I haven’t been responding to comments again. I hate when I do that. Sometimes I wonder if I should go back to the No Comments thing, but then I know that I would miss hearing from you. Isn’t life hard? (I’m sitting on a stool in a warm house staring at the computer while eating a bowl of Purely Decadent Cookie Dough. My life is not hard.) I do apologize for being quiet lately.

The past week has been crazy and amazing. My mom had her surgery on Friday, and everything went well and I would post a photo of her in her anesthesiatic haze, but it seems that anesthesiatic isn’t even a WORD—so why post a photo and stir up hell with The Word People (not to mention the anesthesiatically hazy!)?

On Sunday I journeyed out for lunch to meet someone I’ve never met before. She and her husband moved to St. Louis from Boston, and it took less than two minutes for her to zoom way up to the top of my Favorite People list. She’s creative and super smart and funny and she knits and, yes. As nervous as I get about meeting new people, I do love eating cheesecake at a two-seater wooden table with a brilliant new friend.

Monday. On Monday I did Pilates and went to the library and did my PTO reports and had dinner with ANOTHER one of my favorite people. (I have at least twenty.) We went to One 19 North where I tried Brussels sprouts for the very first time. I also got my fig marmalade fix, and I drank the very best martini ever.

Baked Apple Pie Martini

It’s called a Baked Apple Pie Martini, and it was delivered steaming hot and delicious and I’m almost embarrassed about how much I smiled and looked up toward the heavens as I drank it and I’m even (almost) MORE embarrassed about how angry I felt when a fruit fly perched itself on my glass, rendering the final two drinks undrinkable. (I’m pretty sure I could create the drink at home using this recipe. However, to my knowledge, I have never purchased a bottle of vodka, and I’m not sure I should start now. Highway to the danger zone.)

Today I worked on freelance and I went to a parent/teacher conference at the middle school and I roasted Brussels sprouts for the first time. (Brussels sprouts no longer scare me!) I also dropped by the elementary school where I did that thing that I hate doing which involves calling things as I see them with ugly talk. (I really should carry a pack of Marlboros and some sloppy red lipstick in my pocket for these toxic moments, as I firmly believe that people who spout yuck should have lipstick on their teeth and a cigarette that flops around with every unnecessary exclamation point.) I once had a friend who waited at least ten seconds before answering a question because he didn’t want to waste words. I need to adopt that strategy starting right now. Now.

It’s time for me to step away from the computer and prepare chickenless dumplings for dinner. (Do you know what the opposite of excited is? That’s how the girls are feeling about the chickenless dumplings! Yet, I soldier on.)

Tomorrow? It’s the Fluid Pudding BreadPuddingAlong! ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

12 thoughts on “Unintentionally Taciturn”

  1. We don’t care if you respond to our comments, but I truly hope you’re not getting comments that are judgmental! The martini sounds divine and it would be so perfect if you would attend one of your PTO meetings with a Marlboro dangling from your lips and lipstick on your teeth. I always hated the cliquishness of the PTO…

  2. I would venture to bet that you’ve never been ugly at our elementary school. You’re one of the most un-ugly parents I’ve ever met!

  3. I never expect a response to my comments. It’s a lovely surprise when I receive one, but please don’t feel obligated!

    I’m so glad you are over your fear of Brussels sprouts. They are just the best! Especially roasted. (with bacon drippings!!, but probably not for you, but it is delicious!)

  4. I never expect a response to any comments. They are welcome surprises when I get them:) Glad your mother’s surgery went well. And that dumpling recipe looks so good.

  5. I need to know how those chickenless dumplings turned out because now I want them. They look so good!

    I’ve been known to eat roasted Brussels sprouts for breakfast with quinoa and eggs. My kids have been known to steal that breakfast from me. My mom is in disbelief that Brussels sprouts are a food that are universally loved in our household but oh, they are. So very loved.

  6. I’m planning to make my bread pudding tonight! I was going to do it Tuesday, but I was sinus infectiony and took a nap most of the evening instead. GOOD TIMES.

  7. I think I will be a little late with my bread pudding – my husband/stayathomedad has a sinus infection – is down for the count, which means I have to step in to the breach!
    BUT – bread pudding will happen, just maybe not when I had planned. #rollingwithit

  8. Another here who doesn’t require responses to comments. It is a delightful surprise to receive one, but when they don’t come I just smile because it means you are doing something far more important (knitting, reading, having an apple martini, anything at all with your girls and/or your husband, etc.) We who visit here really want you to continue living your real life.

    I am just gobsmacked that it’s taken you this long to enjoy Brussels Sprouts. You have a lot of time to make up for missing these delectable treats.

  9. Thank you for that fabulous sounding martini recipe. I pinned it and will be making it at some point for my martini club.

    There is no need to respond to comments, though it is fun to hear from you.

  10. So I know someone who just moved from Boston to St. Louis and she is lovely and funny and creative, and I am wondering if your new friend could be the same person. If she is originally from Nashville, let me know, because that would be SUPER small world stuff.

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