Pink Octopus in the Dog’s Hair with a Spinning Wheel! Brief Mention of Underpants!

This is Henry’s hair. It is perfect.


I turned 43 yesterday, and my family gifted me with tea and bath stuff and a spinning video and a stuffed octopus. It really was a perfect day.


Last night I brought my spinning wheel upstairs for the first time. I had a funny feeling that the dogs would try to attack the wheel, but I felt a need to spin while watching Mad Men. (I’ve had the wheel for nearly two years now, but I rarely get to spin because spinning in the basement isn’t much fun.) After sniffing the wool for less than a minute, both dogs lay down (not lied or laid, according to the website I just visited) and fell asleep as I made yarn.

Spinning Upstairs

This morning I stood in the family room and took photos of myself in my underpants. I’ll tell you more about that later. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

11 thoughts on “Pink Octopus in the Dog’s Hair with a Spinning Wheel! Brief Mention of Underpants!”

  1. Happy birthday from a follower who shares the day. A couple of decades ago, my daughter was born on my birthday ( a complete surprise. her due date was 4 weeks later.) and it happened to be Mother’s Day that year as well. Best birthday gift ever!

  2. Sounds like a great birthday! Congrats on getting to spin in the light with Mad Men access!

  3. I thought Teddy would attack my wheel, too, or be terrified of it, but he sniffs it every once in a while and goes about his business. He will, however, find and investigate every bit of fluff that ends up on the floor. He’s a Great Pyrenees, he’s hard-wired to like sheep.

  4. So good to hear you had a nice birthday. Please accept my belated good wishes.

    Something as fine as a spinning wheel does not belong in the basement. I am so happy that your four-leggers behaved properly about the spinning and expect that they will continue with their good manners about your activities in that area.

    That yarn is breathtakingly beautiful. It is 90 degrees where I am today and still I want a sweater made with that yarn. It’s that yummy. Lucky Ducky, you are.

    Henry’s hair is, indeed, perfect. I have always yearned for hair like that myself. I presume you know that you can spin dog hair. Some people who have great shedders (or access to a lot of dog hair from friends, groomers, etc.) make whole things out of just the dog yarn. I’ve seen it. But others just incorporate small amounts of canine hair into whatever else they’re spinning, and it’s beautiful. Please tell us someday you’ll make something cool with Henry’s (and even Scout’s) contribution.

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