I’ll allow myself two more breaks before I’m done.

The morning temperatures have been amazing lately, so I’ve been looking up towards the right and picturing myself running again.

(Quick recap: My legs break when I run. Four stress fractures in less than a year. Vitamin D deficiency. Squishy knee condition. Physical therapy. Wearing of the big boot. Sports medicine doc planning a hedonistic (wifeless) trip to Florida with a colleague instead of looking at my x-ray. Doctor switch. I haven’t REALLY run since October, when I broke my right heel during a 5K with Meredith, but I *did* do a lot of spinning (the stationary bike kind) as well as Pilates over the winter and spring. Sadly, I’ve done nothing since April when I had the flu. This is not really a quick recap, is it? Are you still with me? I’m wearing a skirt right now, but I think it might actually be a tube top dress, and that’s sort of funny because it’s not really socially acceptable to pull your tube top dress down around your waist before dinner, is it?)

This morning I woke up and thought, “Yes. This is the day.”

I then remembered that I had plans to eat pie with friends at 10:30.

I then thought, “Well, good. Today is NOT the day.”

(Pie is always a good excuse to NOT run. Put that in your toolbox.)

In a few more weeks, I’ll have no more excuses. This both excites and spooks me, and that’s a fun road to be on. (A fun road on which to be.) And then I’ll hopefully be back on THIS road. (It’s less than five miles from my house, and I share it with deer.)


It’s my favorite place to be, unless airplanes are falling from the sky or the mom with the triple-wide running stroller shows up. (She straps a laptop to the stroller so her kids can watch movies while she runs. Movies over deer. Honestly.) ((I run faster than her, which really isn’t a thing when you remember that she’s running while pushing the stroller equivalent to a Cutlass Supreme. Regardless: I run faster than her.)) ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

7 thoughts on “I’ll allow myself two more breaks before I’m done.”

  1. Do it on a bikes. Take it from a former dodgy-kneed runner. It hurts less, plus you get further, so the scenery changes a lot quicker.

  2. Is there a reason you run instead of just doing a brisk walk? Walking causes a lot less stress on the bones, but is still excellent for building up bone mass AND firming and toning muscles AND even losing weight, if that’s of interest to you.

    It just seems that The Cosmos has told you that running is not the best thing for you but you’re not listening. Is walking so awful?

    I’m being too bossy now, I think. I’ll stop.

  3. Angela! I have read your site for YEARS and never left a comment before. But this evening, I am at my first Ben Folds Five concert. EVER. And I wanted to let you know I will be screaming out “Fluid Pudding” during one of the interludes between songs. So excited! Thanks for sharing your Ben love!

  4. I wanted to run and bought lovely running shoes, but I just haven’t figured out how to get running added to my routine. Those lovely running shoes are sitting in a bag under my desk at work and they are sad.

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