Let’s just get a few things straight.

Before embarking on NaBloPoMo (because I’m going to embark on NaBloPoMo), I need to try and release some guilt.

For the past year or so, I’ve been absolutely terrible at responding to comments. You guys have sent me recipes and words of encouragement and brainy things to think about and prescription recommendations and book reviews and I’m absolutely terrible at thanking you. If I’m going to do NaBloPoMo (because I’m going to do NaBloPoMo), I either need to turn off comments or let the guilt fly out the window like a happy flying thing that flies out the window. Happily.

I don’t really care to elaborate on the following, nor do I wish to reveal if any statements are connected:

Lately I feel that I smell like a poorly-maintained convalescent center.

I can’t believe I still haven’t read Still Life With Woodpecker. I’m going to change that as soon as I finish my current read.

When I’m sitting at my computer and I look out the window, this is what I see.


Pretty soon it will all be orange and brown and crunchy, and I’ll be burning some sort of autumn-inspired candle and suddenly it won’t matter that I feel like I smell like I’ve been swimming in stuff that doesn’t smell very good.

Tomorrow I’m going on a solo adventure that involves bravery and being touched by a stranger. (I may remove my cardigan, but everything else stays on.) If all goes well, I’ll celebrate with a chai at the place my nose ring friend and I tend to visit after a switch-out.

Last night I spent nine dollars on a bottle of cranberry juice that contains nothing but the juice of cranberries. No water. No sugar. (I just accidentally typed wugar and then I laughed and laughed. Wugar.) No apple juice. No grape juice. (A lot of cranberry juices are cut with apple and grape juice. (Oddly enough, LSD is NEVER cut with strychnine, despite all of the whackadoodle LSD tales you might have heard. I’m here to provide mind-easing fun facts for my LSD buddies, none of whom actually exist in the real world.)) Anyway, the cranberry juice? It is terrible. BUT, I can manage the recommended three ounce dose if I put it in a shot glass (or tiny tiny coffee cup because I don’t actually own a shot glass) and pretend that it will help me see into the future. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

18 thoughts on “Let’s just get a few things straight.”

  1. Still Life With Woodpecker is a favorite book of mine.

    I say there is no harm in turning off comments for a while. A reprieve for your guilt or a chance to feel guilty about something else (that’s what I’d do, sadly).

  2. I’m not going to put my name on anything. I think you have to sign up somewhere if you want to be eligible for prizes. (Maybe?) I think it has grown a lot since 2006, but I’m still playing by the 2006 rules.

  3. I totally support your right to turn off comments, but I kinda hope you don’t. I like reading people’s comments, and who knows, one of us might have something really awesome to share that we’d all miss out on! It’s cool when you respond, but I don’t take offense if you don’t. Whatever you decide – don’t. feel. guilty. It’s your party.

  4. I don’t really expect bloggers to respond to comments. I figure they read them – but honestly I don’t think most of the blogs I read respond to comments. I like being able to read the comments too – it’s kind of a “community”. As my mother would say “this is an opinion, not a vote” but my opinion is that you let the comments fly – with no guilt or expectation.

  5. Straight cranberry juice sucks. Like most purely healthy things; it isn’t as good as it’s adulterated cousins.

  6. I have had that cranberry juice and it IS AWFUL. Not even vodka can fix it.

    I don’t leave comments here with the intention that I will hear some response from you. I do it so you know we hear you. It’s validation that someone is reading the things your wright. So…thank you for writing.

  7. I am a horrible commenter/comment responder. I lurk everywhere including my own blog.

    But I recently made my own (no sugar, nothing added) cranberry juice and thought you might like to know because it’s probably cheaper. Equal cups cranberries and water, bring to a boil and cook until berries “pop”. Then drain for a few hours. (Recipe says with cheese cloth but whatever. I only have a over-the-sink sieve and somehow juice was still made.)

    I blend the leftover cranberries then dehydrate it for cranberry fruit leather.

  8. What Cindy @8 said. Not about the juice — I don’t know if vodka helps it or not. But about the comments.

    I don’t expect responses from any bloggers when I comment. Mostly I say things so you know someone is listening to what you wrote, and occasionally because I might know something that would be helpful to you. If advice is given, I assume you see it and then go do the exact opposite (which is what my daughter does with my advice — she’s your age) and it doesn’t hurt my feelings.

    You don’t need to explain to any of us whether you are going to follow up on anything we say, or to thank us for being so kind as to read your writing, or engage in a conversation online. People who come here do so because it’s fun, we like you, we like what you write, and we especially like that you are a good mom and good wife who actually enjoys doing things with and about your family.

    I’d much rather think you spent your time doing something in your REAL life than spending any of it trying to be polite to those of us who like what you do and find you entertaining. I think just coming here to entertain us is plenty.

  9. I’m doing it too. I hope Instagram pics of the daisy ion waiting room count as a post!
    And please don’t tell me I’m supposed to reply to all the commenters…… I barely thank the people who show up at my door with wine or pie. I only thank the ones who bring wine AND pie!

  10. I don’t expect a response when I post a comment. In fact, I think it’s kind of weird when a blogger responds to every single comment. And I take cranberry capsules because straight cranberry juice is disgusting.

  11. OMG, is it really NO MO BLAH PO month again?? But I’m so out of shape! I haven’t been training for this!! I’ll have to start doing my exercises RIGHT NOW!!!

    Whatever you think about posting every single day for a month, Angie — commenting on all those posts is EXHAUSTING!! I’m so ashamed when I slack off after it’s all over. I really should keep up the routine year-round so this doesn’t come as such a shock every time.

    By all means give up any thought of responding to your comments. Mind you, it’s one of the things that endeared you to me so much in the first place way back when. But both of us were younger and more agile then, and I already love you forever now anyway :-)

    New readers, she really does do this!
    Long-timers — looking forward to renewing acquaintances with everyone again!!

    NO MO BLAH PO? Bring it!

  12. You don’t need to feel like responding to a comment unless it specifically and particularly tickles your fancy!

    It seems to me that feeling obligated to respond is not unlike a never ending loop of thank-you notes thanking for thanking.

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