These are a few.

It’s nearly seven o’clock and I almost forgot to write! Hello there!

Let’s see. The day started off fairly well and then it turned to crap and then it got a little crappier. BUT, I’m pleased to report that my crappiest day really isn’t that crappy in the scheme of things. You know. The scheme. Of things.

(In case you’re counting? Crap and variations thereof: 4!)

To cheer myself up, I’ve decided to share some of my favorite things with you.

I’m still in love with Modern Ritual. I’m currently wearing Optimistic and yesterday Harper and I both wore Social Butterfly. I recently added Autumn Blend to my wishlist, and I’m also looking at Love Blend 01.

Sexy Hippie

The Create Bracelet. This is the bracelet given to me by a very special person and it led to me having the word Create tattooed onto my forearm last week. This is it. I LOVE this bracelet.


Ira Glass stretched out on a couch. Honestly, if I didn’t have Create tattooed onto my arm, I would seriously consider having this photo of Ira Glass tattooed onto my arm. I would want his arms repositioned so that he was playing my veins like a string bass, and I want him to stand in the crook of my elbow. (I know!)


I’m a mitten away from finishing my only Christmas knitting for the year, so I celebrated by starting a pair of arm warmers for myself. This yarn is kettle dyed and it reminds me of kettle corn and apple butter and fall leaves. I bought it several years ago and have been waiting for the perfect project to spark me. Picot arm warmers.


The girls gave me a flower loom for my birthday, and I’ve been making wool flowers. They might turn into bows. They might become ornaments. At this point they have no purpose other than looking cute on my computer table.


My dad shared his caramel pie recipe with me, and I’ve made four in the past month. Graham cracker crust, layer of bananas, layer of caramel, layer of whipped cream, cherries, chocolate shavings, and nuts if you have them. (I never do.)


Mr. Kipling Cherry Bakewells. We ate them in London, and in August we found them in a tiny shop ten miles from our house. I’m letting myself buy a box every six months so that I don’t get tired of them. I’m looking forward to February.


Scout on a shelf.

 Scout makes herself at home on the kitchen shelf.

Harper’s ‘Just Like Meredith’ doll.

Harper's not very happy about her "Just Like Meredith" American Girl doll. Eighth birthday sadness.

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10 thoughts on “These are a few.”

  1. Hahaha you have a puppy on a shelf! I can’t tell whether it’s her favorite place ever or if she’s just resigned to spending the rest of her life up there.

  2. You HAD to remind me about the Cherry Bakewells, didn’t you. Sheesh! Just couldn’t let that one fade away into mental oblivion as it was clearly destined to do. (Sigh)

    (Muttering under breath so the whole internet won’t hear: damnyoufp!)

    In other news, does Ben Folds know you’ve been two-timing him with Ira Glass?

    And, last but certainly not least, your father is an evil evil man, Angela. Wait, no — I take that back. Grandpa Pudding is undoubtedly the soul of wonderfulness (as, clearly, is his pie!). YOU, however, for sharing that recipe? You may have successfully shed 14 pounds (14 POUNDS!!!) in preparation for the forthcoming holidays, but for those of us who have not been so foresighted, have mercy, woman!!

    Dear Goodness, that looks delicious!

    Sorry to hear you had a crappy day. Have a piece of pie, and all will be well :-)

  3. If I had one of those flowers, I would find a perfectly sized safety pin and wear it as a corsage on my sweaters and cardigans at least three times a week. They are gorgeous!

    Also, I love pie.

  4. that picture of Meredith in the box creeped me out for a second. I’m glad yesterday wasn’t the crappiest of crappy days–but sorry it was crappy. In crappy news, I was home sick today, and felt better enough by lunch to think of going in. Just when I thought I’d go, the phone rang–it was the school telling me one of my daughters was puking in her classroom. Good thing I didn’t go in to work? I guess. She’s had a bath and is on the couch, all bundled up drinking tea and crunching crackers, watching ET. She keeps saying she’s hungry–that’s a good thing I hope?!
    Happy Thursday?

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