I did not make the bread pudding.

After spending the morning dancing through a disappointing Fandango debacle, Meredith and I were able to see Catching Fire with a few friends. (Meredith wore her District 12 Tribute shirt and her Mockingjay pin, which means she’s now one of those people who dresses up for movies. I love that so much.)

After the movie, we went home where the coat I ordered a few days back had been delivered! (This is exciting to no one but me: Eddie Bauer told me that the coat wouldn’t be delivered until December 2nd. Because they were able to beat that day by nine days, I’m suddenly full of Eddie Bauer love. That’s how they get you.) ((Also, I feel the weird need to tell you that I did NOT pay anywhere NEAR $159 for that coat. Huge sale earlier in the week and I had a coupon code for free shipping, and I AM TRYING TO BE FRUGAL, DAVE RAMSEY!!!))

Next up? Jeff built a fire and the girls and I went on a soft boot adventure. We had no luck, although Kohl’s DID have a green screen and a downloadable app, so we were able to mess around with that for about three minutes or so.

Upstaging Santa
After returning home, Meredith and I had bean soup leftovers, Harper had peanut butter and toast, and Jeff ate a salad.

I just described our entire day to you. I’m currently sitting here drinking hot tea and thinking about pajamas. Harper is practicing the piano, Meredith is reading, Jeff is watching the Mizzou game downstairs, the dogs are sleeping on the couch, and the fire smells amazing. (I’ll be in bed by 9:30.)

Tomorrow I’ll be returning to church for the first time in a long time. Afterwards? Brunch and browsing things that smell like the way I might want to smell followed by walking through a Christmas light display before it’s opened to automobile traffic. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, you know.

Twenty three down and seven to go, and I’m really not minding NaBloPoMo at all. Here’s hoping you’re not minding it, either. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

8 thoughts on “I did not make the bread pudding.”

  1. No bread pudding here, either, but a delightful mid-afternoon nap soothed the savage beast

    I am loving your foray into daily posting, so I am selfishly delighted you are not minding it :) thanks for sharing your days

  2. No bread pudding here either. I did sleep til 10, though. And now I’m watching the mizzou game.

  3. Not minding it at all from here either. But severely disappointed about the bread pudding. I was so hoping that there would be a massive excess which would somehow find its way to my virtual doorstep (sigh)

    And that coat! That coat is *not* what I was thinking of when you said “parka” even though clearly *they* said “parka” too.

    Parkas to me are shorter and more bulky and just generally not very attractive-looking at all unless you happen to be on skis.

    That, on the other hand, is a really (really!) nice-looking, “almost dressy but also great with jeans” kinda **coat**. I bet it looks terrific on you.

    Too bad though that you are not the person who bought it with a trip to Paris in mind…

    …or are you? ;-)

  4. Totally off subject, but I have fireplace questions. I’m afraid to build a fire in my fireplace (which has a brand new lining) because I don’t know when its safe to go to bed. I’m afraid to leave the damper open and let all the heat out overnight and I’m afraid to close the damper and kill myself overnight with carbon monoxide.

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