If you’ve come here for Robin Thicke information, I cannot help you.

So, the lazy journal thing is going well, but it’s hiccuping me away from Fluid Pudding. That’s no good. Let’s catch up.


I drove to Weight Watchers, but never made it to the front door. It’s not a big deal. I’m in an okay place right now.


I’m a clencher. Sadly, although the new night guard will prevent the wearing down of my teeth, it does NOT prevent the clenching. Every night I wake up biting my tongue so hard that it’s numb. (I once had a dog who bit his tongue off during a stroke. I’m thinking about you, Thumper.)


A teacher at school told me about a restaurant that is less than ten minutes away from my house. I had never heard of it, and now it’s my favorite place. Old Taco Bell turned Greek/Italian. Lasagna? Yes. Baklava? Yes. BABA GHANOUSH?! YES!!! (Pizza? Yes.)


Last April I ran into my best friend from college. When we started hanging out again, I was so afraid that we would eventually revisit all of our memories and then have nothing left to say. Thankfully, we have a LOT to say, and I’m honestly the luckiest person to have so many amazing people on my boat.

Do you remember a few weeks back when I mentioned the Olympic spin-along? I finished my yarn.


I also finished my first skein of yarn spun from the fold. It’s fat and lofty and completely screwy. BUT, it will make a fun pair of fingerless mitts. Maybe. Possibly not, because it’s completely screwy! (It’s always good to try new things. Even that thing where someone named Amanda drops a shot of whisky into a glass of beer. (You don’t have to finish it.))

Marshmallow Winter Pansy

Jeff and I walked around the lake last week. My waterfall was still frozen, but we DID manage to come into contact with what I believe to have been a trench coat-wearing unmedicated schizophrenic man who had some words to scream about Jesus.


I didn’t get a photo of the man. Honestly, my adrenaline was amped to the extent that I probably would have stuck my thumb through my phone had I tried to snap a photo. (“I can lift a truck if it falls on my child” and all of that.) Anyway, the police were called, so I’m assuming everyone now has the help they need. (Not EVERYONE, but at least the man with the Jesus screams. I do hope that he’s okay. And his little dog, too.)

Today I attended a few red carpet ceremonies and I put off designing a brochure that I was supposed to finish yesterday. The good news? No one will be nervous about the brochure’s absence until Thursday, so perhaps I’ll hit it on Wednesday. And that’s tomorrow.

We’re having avocado sandwiches for dinner. Take a baguette and slice it lengthwise. Spread some sort of vinaigrette on the top half and dump some cheese (vegan or otherwise) on the bottom. Broil both halves until the cheese starts dancing. Take it all out of the oven and place avocado slices on the cheese. Sprinkle lemon juice over the avocado slices. Top it off with lemon pepper. Sandwich it up. It’s our favorite. (The recipe is from Betty Goes Vegan, which is still my favorite cookbook.)

I’ll try to be back sooner. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

8 thoughts on “If you’ve come here for Robin Thicke information, I cannot help you.”

  1. phew….for a second the mention of the trenchcoat made me fear that you and Jeff were flashed by the yelling man. Glad you weren’t subjected to THAT at least.
    The yarn is beautiful.
    I love a good BabaGanoush!
    I also love avocado – pretty much in all its forms. My husband made an avocado salad dressing right before I left on this trip, and it was so delicious that I had three helpings of salad. (You can justify a LOT of avocado dressing when you keep putting lettuce under it, yes?)

  2. I missed you. :)

    This weekend I made donuts, but instead of filling them with jam, or glazing them, I wrapped the dough around a Cadbury Creme Egg or a Cadbury Caramel egg and then did the deep frying deed. Then I dipped them in powdered sugar (so pretty). Served with a shot of insulin.

    I made mini ones around Rolos for my little boys.

    They were delicious. Ack!

  3. Red carpet ceremonies?! Why is no one mentioning the red carpet ceremonies?! What’s that all about?! I’m not yelling, though, and I’m not in a trenchcoat. I am just nosey.

  4. That yarn would make a beautiful cap, the kind you can pull down over your ears when the waterfall is frozen.

    As for the temperature of drinking water, you are a hero. For stating it out loud. No one ever seems to understand that it’s so much better barely cooler than room temperature than when it’s loaded with ice. Thank you for your service.

    Now I have to get some avocado…

  5. I hate to admit this, but I always think that God gives dogs to the down trodden and mentally ill because he wants to balance all the speculation and fear with devotion and love.

    Yeah, I know. Mice sew my dresses and birds pour my cereal every morning. I blame Walt.

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