Because I can’t seem to make decisions lately…

It has been entirely too long since I’ve checked in over here. The girls have been participating in a Music, Art, and Drama camp at a friend’s church, meaning they’re busy during the hours of 8:30 and noon each day. I’ve taken on a freelance project that has provided me with more work in the past month than I’ve seen in the past year.

Also, the Tour de Fleece kicked off again.


This is my current fiber. It’s dyed by Bee Mice Elf, but I can’t share the fiber type because I’m currently unable to locate the label. If you’re interested in the process details, I’m spinning it from one big four ounce braid and will chain ply it next week to transform it into a 3-ply striped yarn.

And then I’m going to spin what you want me to spin.

Option #1: Schmutzie Sunshine

Schmutzie Sunshine

It’s an 80/20 Merino/Tussah Silk blend hand dyed by Wool Gatherings, and named by me for Schmutzie. I think it’s begging to be lofty and chunky. Maybe a cowl? Maybe a pair of fingerless mitts?


Option #2: Joseph’s Coat

Joseph's Coat

It’s a 50/50 Bombyx Silk/Fine Merino blend hand dyed by Lisa Souza. (The photo doesn’t show just how shiny it is!) I think this wants to be a medium weight. I talked to Lisa when I bought it, and she said that it looks best when you just grab parts of it and spin it without any sort of plan. So that is my plan. No plan. Except: Gloves or a Hat.


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EDITED TO ADD: We have reached our maximum voting capacity! (I had no idea there WAS such a thing!) Anyway, Schmutzie’s Sunshine won with 54% of the votes! Thanks to all who participated!

(Please know that I’m deliberately avoiding talking about the house thing. At 5:00 last night I announced that I am done with the process of looking at houses.)

((We actually put a contract on a house last week, and then the whole situation got flaky and weird, so we tiptoed out of the house and back into the game.))

(((Also, I’m no longer eating bread because it’s always something with me and the eating, isn’t it?!))) ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

7 thoughts on “Because I can’t seem to make decisions lately…”

  1. I take voting very seriously. It is our duty as citizens. But before I make a decision, shouldn’t I know what you intend to make with the yarn, so I can better choose the color?

  2. Oooh, that Neil is a smart one!

    No bread. Hmmm. Can’t think of anything sassy to say about that.

    Also, hmmm…Game on for the house hunt after the flake-out, but off again at 5PM last night. Reading between the lines, I’m thinking that might mean that the place you saw last night feels like “the one” but you’re not about to jinx it by spilling the beans prematurely. Wise decision. We can hold our collective breath a little longer if you insist.

    MUCH more to the point, however…not a word about packing? Have we seen the last of those old love letters and prom pictures? Are you well and truly all packed and ready for when the pieces all fall together on the house decisions? If so, I am wildly impressed. If not, then I am also wildly impressed by your insouciant powers of procrastination.

    So, spinning: reward for a job well done, or avoidance of a still-looming monster project?

    Friends of Angela, what say you?

    (Also, congrats on the freelance bonanza. Hard to find time to fit that in, I bet, but the moolah will surely be put to very good use :-) )

  3. Does not eating bread include not eating donuts? Because WHOA!
    Schmutzie Sunshine gets my vote – because I am all about the chunky yarn!

  4. Can I vote for all my family for Joseph’s coat, or just out and out stuff the ballot box.

  5. But I have (amongst the more pressing stuff like house and spinning) an indelicate inquiry: How is your head post surgery?

  6. I come here to relax and you make me work? Do you have any idea how many times I changed my mind about which fiber to vote for? No, you don’t. But it was a lot.

    Just for that, I’m not telling you which one I finally voted for. Ha!

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