Mother’s tired, she needs a rest. The kids are playing up downstairs.

I could waste ten minutes of your time to tell you a story about open houses and contracts and barrels and negotiations, but I know that if you’re anything like me, you’re losing patience with this whole The Puddings Are Moving saga.

I’ll just say this: We found a house. As of this morning, all paperwork has been signed. We move in on August 20th.

So, we now have a house and the girls will have their own rooms, but they’ll be switching schools and we still need to sell THIS house and my cat has lost half of her body weight since January. In other words: Ups and Downs. BUT, I feel good knowing that Christmas will be spent in a new town, and the new town is less than 30 minutes away from our current town. (I’ll have lab results on Sid sometime tomorrow. She’s 15. I’m nervous.)

I don’t know how much you want to know. Here is our new kitchen.


I love that it’s green because my “Make Breakfast, Not War” print is held in a green frame, and it’s one of my very favorite things.

Make Breakfast, Not War!

This is Sidney.


She became my roommate shortly after I moved to Nashville in 1999. She showed up as a stray at a friend’s house, and as soon as I saw her I knew we would be pals. I took her to the vet, and she ended up having to live at the animal hospital for over a month because of parasites and severe malnourishment. I visited her nearly every evening, and even though she was all hooked up to IVs and had no idea who I was, I think she appreciated the gesture. When I was finally able to bring her back to my apartment, I realized that I was very much allergic to her. (She’s definitely worth the allegy medication.) Anyway, she has been around for our wedding, the move back to St. Louis, the move from our city apartment into the house, and the birth of both kids. I’m really hoping she gets to see the green kitchen.

And now we clean. Our realtor is visiting us tomorrow to see if we’re ready to be put on the market.

This is my theme in so many ways right now.

Except for the drug part. No drugs.
No bread, either!
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26 thoughts on “Mother’s tired, she needs a rest. The kids are playing up downstairs.”

  1. I am praying Sidney is ok and will see your new green kitchen too! Congrats on the house. My reaction is bitter sweet because I am excited for your move but also concerned about Sidney. I know it’s weird to read that but probably even odder to write. But I’ve read your posts daily for a few years now so just wishing the best:)

  2. Okay, I know I don’t know you, but I was a piano performance major in college too and our house is scheduled to close on August 20th too and I’m not Angela but close to it and…yeah. Congratulations! Hoping for good news with your kitty, as well.

  3. So happy you found a house and I love the kitchen! I hope Sidney gets to feeling better.

  4. OK, the kitchen is gorgeous, and the cat is very pretty. I hope everything is OK with her, and congratulations on your new home.

  5. Yay! And fyi, with just that pic clever people like myself can find the whole listing (address, all the pics, etc.) So of course that’s the first thing I did because I’m nosy and like to look at house pics (not because I want to stalk you or anything creepy). The house is beautiful!

  6. If the kitchen is anything like the rest of the house, it looks amazing! Congrats! And sending well cat wishes to Sidney.

  7. Congrats on the lovely new home! And hugs for you and Sidney; having a sick pet is heartbreaking. Fingers and tossed crossed for you guys. x

  8. Come on. That’s going to be your kitchen? That’s like a dream kitchen! Good luck with Sid, a similar thing happened to my friend’s cat – weight loss in cats becomes a feedback loop, because as they shed body fat, it builds up in the liver and makes them sick. The sickness decreases their appetite, and the whole thing spirals. It was reversible, though! Good luck!

  9. I’m a pretty good creeper but wow, how does Amy do that? Good vibes for Sid. My two feral/pound feline saves were 16 and 17.5 when they finally pooped out. I loved em so much! Congrats on the house. Btw, I’ve enjoyed your IG feed on the yarning(?).

  10. I’m glad that the video gave instructions about the instramentals, when the words stopped. Hope all will be well with Sid the kid. Love the kitchen.

  11. That kitchen has me looking up houses!!! Congrats. I like your go for it spirit when it comes to moving. I hope it’ll all go smoothly.

  12. Sending good thoughts for Sydney – the old friends are the best friends.
    Humor me? My favorite cat observation: dogs give unconditional love, but cats teach us more about love. With a cat, you have to be willing to give the love they are willing to receive.

    Great kitchen!

  13. I love your story about Sid, fingers crossed with you. Yay! On the house, hope yours sells quickly.

  14. That kitchen is so, so wonderful. And I see it has the deck right there, too. I would probably commit more serious felonies than Elizabeth to have that kitchen.

    Tell Sidney how many complete strangers are sending good thoughts and well wishes her way — it might help her to know that.

    Best to all the Puddings on your new adventure.

  15. Yeah new house! Boo sick kitty. Can’t wait to see a picture of that picture hanging in it’s new space.

  16. Ooh – beautiful new kitchen with deck right outside. I am not a fan of green in general, yet our bedroom is always painted a soothing darkish shade of gray-green because it’s so restful.
    Same issue with our cat – 15 years old already – how did that happen?

  17. Beautiful cat! Beautiful kitchen!

    I hope Sydney is OK. One of our cats has lost weight too, but I think it’s because he’s an outdoor cat now so he gets more exercise and fewer opportunities to eat purloined pot roast.

  18. Hey – I know you closed comments above, and I get it. I just wanted to say I’m so so sorry – and thinking of you. We lost Zoe in October, just 4 months before we moved back to the home she loved, and where she would sit in the window and chirp at birds… and I was destroyed. I’m so sad for you that Sydney didn’t see the green kitchen.

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