I hear it may snow in Nebraska. Time to knit.

I purchased some pretty amazing yarn at Stitches last month. Because I won’t allow myself to begin a new project until I finish two current projects (that’s a new rule I just made up, and I may or may not abide by it), I’ve been working on a few oldies but goodies. (I hate the word Goodies.)

I started this scarf in July of 2010:


I know. I’m finally nearly halfway finished with it, which means when Christmas rolls around I’ll finally be able to NOT say, “I wish I had a red scarf.” (It will eventually look like this, except it won’t because I messed up a little and I’ve decided to continue my accident throughout the scarf which means it’s not really a screw-up, but a MODIFICATION.)

I started this sweater in September of 2012:


I’m a half of a front, two sleeves, and some finishing away from it looking like this, and I picture myself wearing it with a white t-shirt, faded out jeans, and my black fabric Mary Janes. I also picture myself with a sloppy ponytail and I may or may not have chopsticks or a paintbrush holding the ponytail together. I’m drinking hot tea. With Rainbow Rowell. This sweater sure as hell better deliver.

Did I tell you that I bought this shirt while in Chicago last month?


It seems that I’m becoming more and more okay with being the lady in her mid-40s who wears funny t-shirts. (After having my frozen lemonade order taken by not one, but TWO teenagers with pierced noses a few days back, I returned home and removed my nose ring. Five minutes later, I put it back in. I’m afraid I’m going through one of those things again where I feel old and I’m not very happy with the fact that my shape has changed a bit since the hysterectomy in May and my journey to lose the ten pounds that I gain every year begins tomorrow. (If all goes well, my sweater will fit just in time for Thanksgiving.)) ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

13 thoughts on “I hear it may snow in Nebraska. Time to knit.”

  1. But when a sweater DOES deliver, it’s like some sort of magic. I think your expectations are perfectly reasonable.

  2. That sweater is lovely as is your vision of the final ensemble. However, I’m going to urge you to rip that red scarf. FOUR YEARS. There is a reason you haven’t finished it, when you’ve completed other projects in the meantime. Do you hate the pattern? Is it boring? Do you hate the yarn for some reason? Is the mistake really a thing that bothers you and you really can’t get over?

    Life is too short to spend knitting something you’re not loving.

  3. I love cardigans something FIERCE! And I have all of those same expectations of mine. They never deliver. :(

  4. At first I thought Marianne was all wrong about the scarf. I think it’s beautiful and your modification of the pattern is quite lovely, but she may be onto something.

    That cardigan is just the most beautiful thing, including the color. I would probably never take that one off and people would snicker at me in the grocery store in July.

    When I was your age I wore cool T-shirts like that. Now I’m so old they would probably start looking for the right “home” for me if I sported something so wonderful. It looks smashing on you.

    I’m concerned about why you hate the word Goodies. You might want to get that checked…

  5. You make lovely knitted items. Loved the shirt. I think I decided I am going through with my own hysterectomy. In November.

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