Always choose fresh starts.

Last week at around this time, my mom was being sewn up after spinal surgery. A few hours later everything went batty and she ended up in an intensive care unit, but five more days have passed since then and now she’s home and may be able to ditch her walker by next week.

Last week I had to submit 19 forms to a firm who will hopefully hire me so that I can continue to do exactly what I do right now, which is freelance editing from home. The company for which I’ve been doing the bulk of my work has decided to hire this firm to control their freelance population. (As I type this paragraph, someone out there is performing a background check to make sure I haven’t Squeaky Fromme’d anyone in the past ten years.) The 19 forms made me a cranky mess because “Why can’t I just keep rolling the way I’ve been rolling?” but deep down I know that things change. If for some reason it is decided that I’m not worth hiring, I’ll need to hit the streets to see if I can find another gig.

Last week I finished reading The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. I have a tricky time expressing just how much I loved this book, so I’ll just say this: Radiant and sparkly and warm and perfect. If you have a chance, try to score a copy of the audiobook along with a hard copy. Jim Dale is the perfect narrator.

This morning I joined Weight Watchers again, because now that it’s cooling off outside, I’m finding that the pants that fit me last October no longer do.

Weight Watchers Lady: Do you want today to be a fresh start or a continuation?

Me: I’m glad you asked that question, but I don’t understand what it means.

Weight Watchers Lady: Do you want today to be considered your first day, or do you want your booklet to reflect the nine and a half pounds you’ve gained since your most recent visit?

Me: Um, let’s go with Option Number One.

Please know that although Weight Watchers works for me (when I’m actually doing it), I don’t recommend it to anyone else. We’re all beautiful just the way we are. Radiant and sparkly and warm and perfect. (I’m going to need those pants to fit if I have to look for a job.)

The house is still great and it’s SweeTango season.

I’m participating in the Honey Cowl knitalong sponsored by the Lighthouse Buddies.


Finally, because you’re so helpful, our main couch is now wearing a slip.

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  1. I conjured a post by you by eating a long john. Seriously. I bought one, immediately thought “Angela” and then Voila! I quit WW. Again. ;) Best to you.

  2. Ahh, the Night Circus book – loved every page. It was such an imaginative retreat to slip into each night while I was reading this novel. Glad you adored it too.

  3. there is so much to love here – I just added the book to my list, and dug out yarn for a honey cowl. I’m going to skip WW – with your blessing but am very aware of the fit of my pants. October, man. October.

  4. I just downloaded the audiobook of The Night Circus from my library. Jim Dale is indeed one of the very best narrators/readers out there. He’s done a very nice version of A Christmas Carol as well.

    Honestly, I’ve been stressed out with work and the world’s been so crazy I’ve stopped listening to the news on the radio. Things are too hectic to pick up a book (and I’m too tired from work to pick one up too), but I love being read to. I can listen while getting ready in the morning, getting ready for bed, folding laundry, doing chores, making dinner.

    Thanks for the recommendation!

  5. I’m glad your mom has stabilized. I just wanted you to know that I did stop and say a prayer for her when you had mentioned that she was going in last week. Oof, things are just much too fragile, right? Once again, I am so happy she’s good now.

  6. I keep thinking I have The Night Circus on my Kindle, and then someone mentions how awesome it is, and I discover I DON’T have it on my Kindle, and then .032 seconds later I completely forget I don’t have it, so I never order it, BUT NOW I JUST DID so thank you for that and P.S. it’s under $5 on Kindle in the US right now. So yay.

    All the very best wishes to your mom! I am having a hard time dealing with the whole aging/frail parents thing. You’d think there’d be a class or some instructions or something.

    And stress can make you gain/retain weight. Big-time. You just moved, the girls changed schools, your mom is doing hospital things, you were hobbling around in a boot not too long ago, and you’re doing job stuff! And that’s only the stuff we the public know about! That’s worth AT LEAST 15 pounds minimum, so well done you with the only 9 pounds. It’ll all sort out.

  7. I chose The Night Circus for our book group to read last winter. It was the perfect way to read/listen to it; my first statement to the group on discussion night was, “I’m so glad we are going to talk about this book because I have no idea what happened at the end. Please enlighten me!” And they did.

  8. I immediately looked if this book is available in german. It is and even has the same name “Nachtzirkus”. It’s supposed to arrive on Monday and I’m really looking forward to reading a book that you recommended !
    Viele Grüße !

  9. Love and healing to Mom.
    The couch looks great.
    WW works, no doubt about it. The structure can be just what’s needed.
    <–reached lifetime the first time at age 10

  10. I too am glad your mom is doing better. I wish her a speedy recovery!

    Your couch looks lovely but just a tad sadder without a dog on it.

    I wish Rhoda Morganstern would write a book called Night Circus about her dating life. It probably would not be radiant and warm and sparkly and perfect but I would totally read it.

    I used to go to weight watchers and noticed some elderly ladies who would be at the meetings. It was then that I decided that I will pick an age to stop trying to lose weight. I don’t know which age yet but by the time I am elderly, I intend to eat burgers with abandon. I will take my grandchildren for ice cream and not measure it, not count it and not think twice about adding jimmies. For all I know, those ladies have the same plan. Maybe good for them that they didn’t think they were old enough to stop dieting yet. Maybe they had plans for bikini season. Who am I to judge?

    You have my commiseration in a work life in flux. If change is good, why does it give me anxiety?

  11. Hmmmm. That slipcover looks really good. Perhaps I shall jump on this particular bandwagon.

    I do love a good Honey Cowl.

  12. Glad your mom is on the upswing. I suspect you are you because of her, and she needs to be fine again.

    The couch looks terrific.

    I’d love to wear a cowl but fear I’m too short to look good in one. Maybe I should just do it because it’s warm and not worry if someone mistakes me for a hobbit or some other thing.

    Weight Watchers worked for me. I did it for one year, then hung on for another 8 months just in case I started slipping, but I didn’t slip. You’ll fit your pants in no time and be glad that WW “reminds” you of what you already know.

    Having to fill out all those forms to do the job you’ve done forever is just one of those cosmic jokes that come to us from time to time. Think about how many things you had to fill out and sign to buy your house — now don’t the “job” forms seem trivial in comparison? Yes. Yes they do. Don’t fret about it. You’re fine.

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