Far! We’ve been traveling far! Without a home, but not without a star!

It doesn’t matter where I was going, but please know that as I drove from our house to a place this morning, a bald eagle flew directly over my car and I flipped out in a really good way.

As soon as I reached my destination (Okay, it was Weight Watchers. I have to go once each month if I want to keep not paying them, and I definitely want to keep not paying them.), I texted Jeff.

Me: A bald eagle just flew over me during the drive to Weight Watchers. What does it mean?

Jeff: Freedom.

Me: I bet Jay Nixon had something to do with it.

And because I made a weak joke about our governor instead of singing a song about America and maybe ripping the sleeves off of all my t-shirts, my brakes started making a weird noise on the way home. (I believe in tragic levels of karma when it comes to eagles and brakes. Also, pigeons and standardized test scores.) When I left to pick Meredith up from school? The weird noise joined a bunch of other weird noises and it started to sound like an airplane was about to land on my car, so I had to make an emergency “Please pick Meredith up!” call to Jeff and he had to cancel a meeting and HEY, JAY NIXON!!! I VOTED FOR YOU!!!

Quick note to Elsiroomom: I’ve tried to respond to your questions, but both e-mails were returned as undeliverable! The Answers: “Not That Kind of Girl” by Lena Dunham, and Manos del Uruguay Clasica. (Their colors are amazing, and the yarn is a worsted single ply. It’s one of my favorites.)

Meredith came home from school yesterday and said some magical words.

Meredith: One of your dreams came true today.

Me: Stephen Colbert really DOES want to make out with me?

Meredith: No. A girl in Geography told me that my clothes smell really good.

Angels are singing. Bald eagles are flying. Airplanes are landing on my car. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

6 thoughts on “Far! We’ve been traveling far! Without a home, but not without a star!”

  1. I want to know what you do to make the clothes smell good! OTHER people’s clothes often smell great. Mine? I know they don’t smell *bad*, but I crave that “clean clothes” smell, y’know?

  2. Yay! a personal message from Angela Pudding. AND I see what I did wrong. I had mixed two email addresses together. Oops. I fixed it now. Thanks for the info on both yarn and book.

  3. So, judge-y me had to google Jay Nixon to find out your political persuasion. (You passed.) Bald eagles have made an amazing comeback since the 1970s. (Yay!)

  4. The fact that Meredith responded so casually to your question about Colbert says everything I need to know about what kind of mom you are. You get a gold star. And Meredith gets to grow up to be cool.

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