Three Things

1. Today I found myself at a place called Hibachi Boy with a friend who hadn’t yet seen the house. It was during our Hibachi Boy lunch where I learned many things, and here are three. First? I don’t like Pad Thai as much as I want to like Pad Thai. Second? When you leave your mind open, you can learn SO many fascinating things. Third? Breathing is important. It can rewire you if it’s done correctly.

2. Our family tradition is to hang Christmas lights on the house during the weekend after Thanksgiving. Because this house is a different shape than the previous house, we don’t even know where to begin, nor do we know if our lights will be approved by the people in charge of the subdivision. (We have our first subdivision meeting at the library tomorrow night, and the guy who used to live in this house was the vice president of the association. (I have no idea if it’s called an association. I read the signs, and then I immediately forget what they say, because I honestly don’t care about so many things.) Anyway, I am shaking in my boots at the thought of being grandfathered into an office simply because I use the same garage door opener as the guy who used to be second in command. I know what it’s like to be talked into being an officer and I’m one of the worst people when it comes to saying No. I’m going to fill my pockets with cookies tomorrow evening, because I rarely talk when my mouth is full. I would rather be known as Weird Silent Cookie Monster than New Vice President.) ((If you know me at all, you know that I won’t actually go to the meeting tomorrow night. I’ll plan on it, but then I’ll freak out less than two minutes before it’s time to head out because I can’t deal with people who might smell like what they ate for dinner.)) ANYWAY, today I noticed that three houses in the subdivision were having their Christmas lights installed by a landscaping company. This is something we will never do. We were also one of the few houses without a fire pit on Halloween. It’s just a matter of time before the neighbors start calling us Ponyboy and Sodapop Curtis.

3. Harper gets off the bus at 4:30 in the afternoon. I’ve been known to hang out in the garage to wait for her so I can walk her into the house. Now, because it’s stupid cold and I no longer love the cold because of what I *think* is something related to my no-regrets hysterectomy, I wait in the laundry room and watch the window for the bus. Sometimes I sing and run in place. Today was one of those days. SO, as I sang (Runaway by Self) and ran, I heard the bus three houses down. As it revved up for the 50 feet drive to our house, three deer walked across our front yard. I gasped and stopped running. When I stopped running, they took off down the hill. (Probably because it’s not worth staying if the lady in the window isn’t bouncing and singing.)

If I can somehow talk those deer into hanging out in our yard more often, we will immediately rise above the folks who are paying companies to come in and decorate their houses with lights. House With Live Reindeer is the rock to the scissors of House that Glows. This I know is true.

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10 thoughts on “Three Things”

  1. I will come visit. We will share Thai food. I will happily consume your portion of the Pad Thai. Or Pad See Ew. Or Pad “Whatever They Want to Serve Me With Those Delicious Tasty Noodles”.

    (Ewwww ((as opposed to “Ew”))<–(("See" above)) <–((OMG, The puns, they are a'flying!)) Wait! I did not mean that I would welcome "Nooodly Appendages")

    And yes, live reindeer? You would win the subdivision!

    Perhaps it was just not as well prepared as it should have been?

  2. I love Thai. Not so much Pad Thai. For a few years we hired a friend’s son to hang our lights, it cost me $50, so worth it. Now , the hubs and boy do it. Luckily our neighborhood doesn’t care. Deers? I got nothin.

  3. I went to a Thai restaurant years ago with a fellow juror when we were serving on a child molestation case. I have never eaten Thai food again, and I think it might be because eating with someone you don’t know and will never see after the trial, and not being able to talk about the only thing you have in common, made it a less than pleasant experience. I have no idea if I liked the food or not.

    Deer win out over lights any day. You’ll need to sing and run in the laundry room a lot to keep them around, though.

  4. Deer? Yes, the best location for a blind at my house is the upstairs bedroom. You could have had a 8 point buck the other day unless that didn’t suit you then you could have had a 10 point buck. And yes, they were here because the does, oh the does were here also. I no longer garden. Lights are nice. Hope the association lets you do what you want. Fairly sure mine wouldn’t pass. I have the bush netting type, pulled between deck supports that stay up all year because the hummingbirds like to perch there in the summer and zip through the little squares amazing and amusing me. Am I too easy?

  5. I think I might like it if our neighbors started calling us Pony Boy and Soda Pop Curtis.
    And, rest assured, if I came across a person stuffing cookies in her pockets at a meeting, that is the very first person I would talk to.

  6. Chris’s mom was Thai. Every time I order pad thai in a restaurant, I am disappointed. It’s possible she laced her’s with crack.

    I think they make deer feeders. Put one of those things out and you guys will have a living Christmas display. And rock the neighborhood.

  7. We put up our own Christmas decorations, but it’s a finger-freezing exercise. Frankly, if I could pay someone to do it, I would!

  8. The image of you singing and running in place in your new laundry room was worth the trip over here. (Just about anything your write is worth it, to be honest.)

  9. If you can get the reindeer to wear lights in their antlers you WIN. (Do the dogs mind the deer? Some occasionally run through our yard, and it makes the boys crazy, even though in a fight it would be deer: 1, overconfident retrievers: 0).

    I avoided association meetings during the years we lived in a subdivision. The people there took the appearance of fences waaaaaay too seriously.

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