I was the leg wrestling champ at a Halloween party in 1996.

James Franco and I walk into an empty artisanal bakery in Philadelphia.

We’re both hankering for something with nine grains.

Who’s more awesome?

Hint: James Franco is NOT more awesome.

Oprah and I walk out to get my mail.

We’re both wearing cabled cardigans.

Who’s better?

Hint: Oprah is not better.

In the past two months, I’ve been told that I’m like Oprah but better AND that I’m more awesome than James Franco. I think it’s time for me to start crosssssssstitching (too many esses and I don’t have time for it) a compliment sampler to hang above my work station that will serve as an Atta Girl when I’m feeling like a knucklehead. (Disclaimer: Please know that I know that one doesn’t have to be better (or more awesome) than someone else in order to achieve fulfillment! I can achieve fulfillment in my car with nothing but a burrito and my own mind! You can, too! Mindful Burrito Wednesday! Go do it!)

As I type these words to you today, I have the components for lasagna simmering on my stovetop, I have a sushi lunch scheduled with a friend, and I’m once again playing with a lazy journal. (Lazily.)



I finished my freelance project yesterday afternoon and I finished The Hotel New Hampshire the day before and I’ve tidied up my point of view. Enjoy your day. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

4 thoughts on “I was the leg wrestling champ at a Halloween party in 1996.”

  1. Here’s what made me laugh: trying to imagine Oprah and James Franco leg wrestling. Oh, dear. I already knew you were better than both of them.

  2. See I don’t understand why the names of cakes are getting longer. “Browned butter sea salt chocolate chip cookie bars”? Pinterest is full of this kind of weird: “Almond pecan maple syrup sweet potato salted oat brownies”. The whole recipe in the title? My daughter is making brownies at school this week, and I shall call them Vanilla Extract Pecan Cocoa Powder Butter Egg Flour Sugar Brownies. And she will roll her eyes and refuse to acknowledge our relationship.

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