I made a crustless asparagus quiche, and although it needs some tweaking (I roasted the asparagus a little too long), it’s my new favorite thing. Even better? We had family in town for dinner last night, and they helped eat the quiche. (I’m not terribly keen on the idea of snacking on quiche for a week.) ((The secret ingredient? IT’S MAYONNAISE. And by putting mayonnaise in a quiche, I have officially stepped out of my box/wheel house/cliché tent. Proof? I’m making nut milk this weekend, and it has everything to do with cashews and nothing to do with what YOU’RE picturing right now.))

We walked to the library last week and Meredith checked the job board while we were there. (I believe it’s her dream for me to work at the library.) She was really excited to see that they were accepting applications for teen volunteers over the summer, so she filled out an application, wrote a really great cover letter, and crossed her fingers. Last night we received word that she got the job. Suddenly, Meredith is living the dream for three to six hours each week until August.


The side of our house is being eaten by roses.

The health coach adventure is going very well. Briefly: I’m currently focusing on keeping carbs lower than proteins and fats. Avocados blended with tomatoes and a little olive oil, vinegar, sea salt, and pepper? I’ll eat lots of it. Cashew milk? I’m going to make some. Exercise? I’m doing it (10,000 steps per day and my butt challenge, which I haven’t talked about.) Weight loss? Four pounds in three weeks which is Just Fine.

This morning I was walking and this song shuffled and suddenly I was blinking back a few tears. In the mall. The good news? I didn’t drown my sorrows in a big stupid pretzel. (With that said, drowning sorrows in a big stupid pretzel is definitely a choice. It may not support my health goals right now, but nevertheless. It is a choice. And so is whiskey. And so is crustless quiche.)

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  1. I will be tutoring at the library on Mondays this summer – will she be working on Mondays (I hope)???

  2. I volunteered in the junior high school library in junior high. I was somewhat disappointed by it – because it involved a lot more shelving, and a lot less providing book recommendations and reading stories out loud than I had hoped. (I really wanted to be either a reference librarian or a children’s librarian). Maybe Meredith wouldn’t mind that. All this a way of saying that it might be good to manage expectations about what teenage volunteers actually get to do…. (I was more than a little bit over ambitious in my ideas of what my volunteering could involve).

    Love the roses! Ours are still a long way off – but things are greening up well here.

  3. I volunteered and worked in a library and even applied for several library director jobs. Didn’t get any of the jobs, but working in a library is FUN.

  4. I hope Meredith enjoys volunteering at the library. My daughter worked at our public library throughout high school and loved it.

    Congratulations on your health adventure. It sounds like it’s going very well.

  5. That quiche looks amazing! Sounds like you’re off to a great start on your health adventure…go you!

  6. Asparagus anything, please. (except canned)

    Congrats on the loss, but a big ol’ chair spin for the healthy!

  7. That’s a beautiful quiche. Now I want some. Which means I have to make some. Soon.

    Excellent that you’re doing good things for your health! Feeling good while living long is cool. Everyone should try it.

    Meredith working in the library makes me think once again about how right things can be with this world. No better thing could happen.

  8. The quiche sounds great! So excited for Meredith! I would love to be a librarian, but I don’t know that I want to go back for my masters. Loving hearing about your weight loss adventures. I hope to be losing some soon myself. Keep up the good work!

  9. Quiche used to be my go-to-nothing-else-to-eat food. You can put almost any thing in a quiche and lots of times at the end of the week, I’d just throw in all the leftovers in the fridge. And cheese. Eggs just make things better.

    Also, I think you burn more calories when you cry while walking.

  10. Love crustless quiche. I make it and eat it for every meal until it is gone. My cholesterol is obviously not low.

  11. My husband and I spent the weekend in STL. Our hotel was in Clayton. There was a restaurant called Wheelhouse across from our Starbucks (it was my first Starbucks experience, and I fully expected to hate it, and I did, but we had gift cards, so whatever. But I was most annoyed by the woman ahead of us who was talking about maybe taking a cooking class in Tuscany this summer, because why not, right? Effing Clayton. Ugh!. Anyway, I wanted to send a picture to everyone I ever met who thought something they wanted to do wasn’t in their Wheelhouse. Except no one really says that. Anyway, the Landing was great. Ballpark Village was fun. I logged 5.5 miles on my Fitbit, which was nice. Thanks, STL. See you next time!

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