Monday is happening.

“Mom, will you be a doll and make an iced water for me? Preferably in a Shakespeare’s cup?”
-Meredith, age 12

Meredith is now registered to take the ACT in December and the SAT in January. These tests are the first step in preparing her for a three week camp this summer. She is 12 years old. She has never been away from us for more than three nights. I ask your forgiveness in advance for the way I’ll be behaving during the entire month of June. (My mascara is not waterproof, Alice Cooper.)

I took a long walk this morning, I currently have a sweet potato in the oven, and for Halloween we’ll be handing out peanut-free and gluten-free candy. We’re doing this because the girl down the road has a peanut allergy, but also because I can’t trust myself alone in the house all day with peanut butter cups. Therefore, Dots for everyone! (Dots have been dead to me since 1982. The Dots are dead, long live the Dots.)

I’m not quite sure where my car normally idles, but right now it’s idling at around 1 and it sounds a little rough. Also, it took four tries to start the car last week at the grocery store. I’m telling myself that something wicked this way comes, so for the next several weeks I’ll be traveling only to places where a breakdown (emotional as well as vehicular) would be welcome. I’ve packed the glove compartment with a notebook, a pen, a knitting project, a generator, a Crock pot filled with butternut squash, and four pairs of underpants.

I made a hat for a baby and no animals were harmed.


On Saturday, I watched a high school marching band perform Moonlight Sonata, and I’m still wrapping my head around how amazing it was. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

12 thoughts on “Monday is happening.”

  1. I had a car that did that once with the taking many tries to start. Turned out that it needed a new battery.

  2. I bought a new alternator about 10 days ago. Your glove compartment sure holds a lot. Also, I hope those are good underpants and not the reject, tattery, or binding underpants that we all know we have stuffed in the back of the drawer for emergencies (i.e. laundry needs doing). Because nothing is worse in an emergency situation than having to put on uncomfortable drawers.

  3. My Meredith, too! We should have a virtual chai together that morning and drown our sorrows in spicy tea as our girls sprint toward adulthood!

  4. That hat is wonderful, but slightly less wonderful than Meredith. We’ll help you get through the “mommies” next June while your girl is out having fun without you.

    Marianne is right about the undies, but I hope your car is okay anyway.

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