Like a pin-up fireman, I am.

Listening to someone go on and on about the dream they had the night before can get old quickly. However, eating dinner a few nights back as Harper explained her Land of Nod visit to a barber shop that doubled as a bar was very entertaining, mainly because she has never been in a barber shop or a bar.

Last night I had a dream during which I visited IKEA, but I was told that my dress was inappropriate. A wispy woman who may have been a ghost provided me with the proper shopping uniform, which consisted of khaki pants and suspenders with no shirt. I stepped out of the dressing room feeling extremely uncomfortable. I quickly mentioned my need for some sort of tank top. Apparently, people who DON’T ask for shirts get them, and those of us who did had to spend the next several hours holding their suspender straps in place to cover their otherwise bare chests.


I didn’t purchase any furniture, but I did see a few throw pillows that jazzed me. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

5 thoughts on “Like a pin-up fireman, I am.”

  1. OK, I’ll be honest; you lost me at “Last night I had a dream…” (Dammit. She even acknowledged how boring those stories can be!) But the illustration? You can do no wrong with those illustrations, Angela. They are everything!

  2. Does no one care how COLD it gets in the Ikea store? Next time you dream about Ikea you should head over to the textiles section right away to find a nice bedspread or throw rug to wrap yourself in.

  3. I think suspenders are making a come back. I’ve been seeing them on people a lot these days. With shirts of course, but hey, it could be a new trend to wear them with out a top. Though that sounds like something Miley would do…

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