A friend once asked if the tattoo on my arm says Sweater and I laughed because I DO tend to perspire quite a bit.

A few hours back, I found myself in a dressing room at the mall. (How did THAT happen?!)

I’ve been seeing people wearing short-sleeved long sweaters in the winter and I love the look, but always questioned my ability to pull it off. (Figuratively. I have no problem pulling off my sweaters. (Pause for effect.)) ((By the way, do you sense a theme in my writing lately? Perhaps one of low confidence? Maybe as if I tend to question every single thing I do or say these days? Here is a blanket Thank You and an I’m So Sorry to my friends and family for dealing with my madness.))

I went to Macy’s (because they know how to put on a parade), followed the tiles to my favorite line (Style & Co.), and ran into a rack of short-sleeved long sweaters. (Clarification: I think I sound weird when I say things like “my favorite line.” Please know that I live in bad jeans, big underpants, and my Jackson Hole hoodie. (It’s green and has a new weird stain that’s really been breaking my heart lately. I need a new Jackson Hole hoodie.))

I took two of the short-sleeved long sweaters into the dressing room (the exact dressing room I mentioned in the first line of this entry), tried them on, and took photos to send to The Internet (the world is a fun place, isn’t it?) to see which one I should get.There was this one:


And then there was this one:


I think I was pointing to the pocket because it looks like an owl, and I tend to point at owls.

THE INTERNET SPOKE and I ended up purchasing both sweaters.
I believe I’ll wear them with jeans, but I can also smell some legging possibilities.
(The Internet also helped us choose a middle name for Harper.)
((I may rely on The Internet more than I should.))
(((I got really mad at The Internet yesterday afternoon, but I’ve since decided that everything was all my fault (as it tends to be) and now we’re friends again.))) ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

4 thoughts on “A friend once asked if the tattoo on my arm says Sweater and I laughed because I DO tend to perspire quite a bit.”

  1. I’ll be going to Macy’s to find those sweaters tomorrow. If we ever run into each other, well, we’ll just have to be twinsies.

  2. Annnnnd, my personal “Excellent Use of Parentheticals” award goes to….

    Our very favorite Pudding Person at THIS VERY BLOG SITE!!!!!!

    Your prize will be in the mail sometime soon (maybe) ((or maybe not)) (((depending)))

  3. As usual to this old man you look hot in both of them.
    And I like leggings.
    Is that wrong.
    oh well like I said I’m old.
    And maybe a little crazy.

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