Show a little faith. There’s magic in the night.

This morning I received a very exciting invitation, and I’m being intentionally vague, but please know that I’m going to have a smile on my face for the next three months and beyond.

I’ll just say this: Santa Claus isn’t the only one coming to town.

This morning after Harper got on the bus I decided to walk circles around the mall. On the way, I stopped at the store for a banana. (Our only banana was unacceptable, as I can’t deal with brown spots. I’m a princess when it comes to bananas.)

Guy Bagging Groceries (GBG): Paper or plastic for that banana?

Me: Neither. I think I’ll just carry it.

Guy Working the Register (GWR): Will you be needing help out to your car with that banana?

Me: It’s a pretty heavy banana, but I think I can manage.

GBG: It’s the peel that weighs so much. That’s how they get you. That’s why it’s 26 cents! It’s bananas!

GWR: I hope the banana is appealing! A-peeling!

GBG: Leave her alone, Phil, I think she needs to split!

People are mostly good.

I spent most of the weekend sleeping, but I also managed to eat waffles with a friend who inspires the heck out of me because she’s a fearless activist, volunteer, and writer. I left that waffle breakfast wanting to carve lino blocks and write stories and fill jars with M&M’s. I love feeling the urge to create and I love people who make something out of nothing, which is completely different than making mountains out of molehills.
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  1. I’m also a banana princess/snob. I like them a tad on the green side, to just perfectly ripe. I abhor brown spots. BJ likes them a little past perfectly ripe to extremely ripe, so a banana never goes to waste in our home.

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