And I’m driving a stolen car.

In less than eight hours I’ll be standing in a big building with Jeff and Bruce Springsteen. (I’ve heard other people will be there, too.) This will be Jeff’s tenth time seeing Mr. Springsteen. It will be my third.

When I first saw him (in 2008) it went a little bit like this:

I'll be like Courteney Cox! Sort of!

When I saw him in 2009, this happened:


I’m all kicks and giggles about tonight for three reasons: 3. Date Night. 2. Bruce Springsteen. 1. I get to see a friend whom I haven’t seen in six years and she’s a knitter and an animal lover and has it really been six years?!

Unrelated: I talked about Nancy Reagan three times in the past week which is more than I’ve EVER talked about Nancy Reagan. 1. On Tuesday I told the girls about the Just Say No campaign. 2. On Wednesday I told the girls that Nancy Reagan was dead. (She wasn’t. Yet.) 3. Yesterday I told the girls that Nancy Reagan didn’t really endorse Hillary Clinton, despite what the Internet has told us.

I’m not sure where I’m going with this.

Would you drive all night just to buy me some shoes? ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

3 thoughts on “And I’m driving a stolen car.”

  1. EnVeeeeeeeeOus!!!!!!!!!

    Hope you kids have a superfantabulous time tonight (how could you not?)!

    Take us all with you in your head, OK?

  2. Okay, you sent me to Zappos and now I have a $350+ charge on my Visa. Hopefully, at least one of those pairs of shoes will not fit so I can stay solvent. (I love appos. Can you tell?)

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