WHAT I DON’T LOVE: Having a cold that waters my eyes and blocks my nose and hazes my head.

WHAT I LOVE: Removing my Birkenstocks just long enough to apply a cold-fighting essential oil blend to the bottoms of my feet. (Here we go again with the foot talk. I’m so sorry!) I’m walking around smelling like cloves and cinnamon and lemons and the cats are very much into me.

WHAT I DON’T LOVE: Having my new debit card declined at Costco and then being asked by the burly tan cashier (BTC) if I’ve exceeded my daily spending limit.

Me: It’s not even 11:00 in the morning and I’m buying almonds and fruit snacks. I don’t think I’ve exceeded any limits.

BTC: You probably have an exceeded daily limit.



WHAT I LOVE: Clearing up the “potential fraud” issue with the bank in the parking lot and then returning to Costco where I threw the burly tan cashier a stink eye and a Pretty Woman attitude.

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One thought on “Balance!”

  1. My all time favorite scene from Pretty Woman (and in my top 5 of all movies). I found that this sentiment applied regularly in my life when I was young and people regularly underestimated me. I actually had a similar experience once at Casual Corner where an older woman was totally rude to me because I was in a pony tail and a sweatshirt and I asked a question about why the discount was not marked on a shirt on a particular rack. She told me “Always read the WHOLE sign”. I refrained from mentioning that I read for a living, turned on my heel, and walked out of the store. (I know, not Rodeo Drive, but still – I bought a lot of stuff that day because I’d just gotten a job, and needless to day, I did not buy any of it from that snooty bitch at Casual Corner.) Big mistake! Big! Huge!

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