There’s a new world coming. This one’s coming to an end, Mama Cass.

This is what I know: If I were to be elected President of the United States, I would probably do a really shitty job. Like, REALLY shitty. I can be talked into giving money to just about anyone, and I don’t even MAKE that much money. I want to knit hats for good-hearted people who are actively dreaming and searching out better opportunities. I think everyone should be given their own umbrella and if you don’t WANT an umbrella you should receive a voucher to cash in for a warm monthly dinner. I don’t want anyone to go into serious debt just because their appendix blew up and they had to have it taken out. Only people who can take care of dogs can have dogs. I want to be the president who cures cancer. I want to encourage regular neighborhood get-togethers (introverts get a pass). I want to take some guns away and offer incentives to people who step up and get involved with community service. I want to see a major decline in the prison population. I want every child to feel loved and encouraged and well-rested and never hungry. I want to enforce Meatless Mondays. Someday we’ll find it, the rainbow connection—the lovers, the dreamers, and me.

Yes. I voted for Bernie Sanders today.


And, yes. I know there’s a fairly good chance that he won’t be our candidate. I had to vote with my heart.

It’s such a charged time for us. Overly charged. For the first time in my life I truly have no idea what will be happening a year from now. (Actually, I suppose it’s safe to say that I never have an idea in regard to the happenings of next year. I’m not a wizard! I’ve never felt this ruffled about the future before.)

WHOOSH! I have to change the subject because wetlrkdafogiyaehrtkajnawp9hy8. (That was me banging my big forehead against the keyboard.)

We have essential oil winners!
RzDrms won the lavender!
Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 9.54.21 AM

Sherry won the orange!
Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 9.52.34 AM

Kathy G won the lemongrass!
Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 9.49.39 AM
Thank you all so much for dropping by and participating in the giveaway, and thank you to Better Essentials for the oils! (Don’t forget to check out the Better Essentials website!) ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

6 thoughts on “There’s a new world coming. This one’s coming to an end, Mama Cass.”

  1. We want the same things. Also, I’ve been told I’m too trusting. I just got reprimanded for giving out our address too quickly to someone buying my camera. Then there was that time I drove to Clinton for a date with a stranger.

    I feel rather anxious about politics these days. We all need to inhale some some oils.

  2. Never mind the oils, I must have the Bert and Ernie…..whatever it is.
    My heart is also with Bernie but, being older than you, I well remember the 1968 Dem Convention in Chicago when my heart was with Eugene McCarthy. Chaos and police violence ensued – and Nixon won. Don’t want to revisit that outcome, especially this year, so I’m sticking with the Democratic candidate with the experience to win. We hope. Because otherwise? Too grisly to even think about.

  3. I voted for Bernie Sanders too and it gives me so much hope that MO is virtually tied right now between Sanders and Clinton. Because at the end of the day even if Sanders is not our candidate, look at all the people who are standing ohsopolitely up and saying, “THIS please!”

    I used to think that my vision of the USA was unique. I’m thrilled that I was wrong.

  4. You wouldn’t happen to be an INFJ would you? Because that’s my planet and we could use a lot more of us there (and here).

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