Also, I waved and wove a frond!

This is what happened on the morning of the first day of spring.


(So many people were angry about the snow. “SNOW?! It’s SPRING!” Also, “SNOWWTF?!” To me, it felt like one last hurrah and five hours later it was completely gone, so settle down, Ruffles!)

Jeff was the reader at church this morning and because Palm Sunday was one of his favorite Sundays when he was growing up, I loved that he was able to hit the podium and share his gift. (Not only can he read, but he can READ!!!) ((When we were dating, he would call my voicemail at work and read essays to me. I would often wake up in the middle of the night and check my voicemail just so I could hear his voice sharing the latest installments. Goopy love.))

Today’s theme was Advocacy and I’m so glad I was there to take some notes.


Also, this was spotted in the coat room.

I do love our church. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

4 thoughts on “Also, I waved and wove a frond!”

  1. That is goopy love, but very touching! Your church makes me glad. ;) Happy palms to you!!

  2. You just explained to us why you and Jeff are destined to be star-struck lovers forever and ever. What a lovely thing.

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