I used to spend my Thursdays watching The Waltons.


Today was a perfect day.

The girls and I visited with my parents this morning. My dad showed us his tomato plants, my mom finished a shawl, and the girls hung out with them for lunch so I could join one of my very favorite people for a strawberry salad before walking to an amazing spice store where I purchased three types of tea and some crystallized ginger. (I’m still kicking myself a bit for not purchasing the raspberry jalapeño jelly or the apple butter barbecue sauce.)

After returning to my current home from my childhood home I practiced yoga, listened to William Hurt reading The Sun Also Rises, and watched Jeopardy before our family volunteered with friends at a food pantry.

Spring break has been slow but amazing. I hope your Thursday was just as good. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

5 thoughts on “I used to spend my Thursdays watching The Waltons.”

  1. I used to watch the Waltons too! This has been a long sad day. Many sweet people have departed this life today and they will all be missed and loved.

  2. I’m thinking I know both the restaurant and the friend you were meeting, and I must say I’m jealous. However, I’m looking forward to getting together with you and this probable friend when we come to the Lou in September!

  3. I have a pear salad that uses crystallized ginger in the dressing. Email me if you’d like it. It’s pretty awesome.
    I’ve been detached from work for the first time in a long time. It feels like I’m slowly coming back into focus.

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