Everything just keeps happening.

On the final day of spring break, the dogs brought some dead bird parts into the house and lined them up in front of the television. I can now say that I’ve crossed the house holding a bird head, a wing, a leg, and some feathers. Some of you can’t say that. Some of you can say much worse.

Easter was decent, but my lack of planning made us miss church which bummed me out. Lunch was fine, but the post-lunch conversation about funerals and dying and wills and arrangements and so on folded me into a huge bouncing anxiety ball and as a result I’ve been taking migraine pills for the past two days. I know that the next twenty years are going to bring some really dreadful experiences my way and I like to think that I’m preparing by filling my toolbox with things like yoga and meditation and strong friendships and God, but the fact remains that I Don’t Want to Talk About It Right Now.

A group from Harper’s school found that they had extra money from a fundraiser. Because of this, they went shopping for a microwave this morning. After purchasing the microwave, they drove to the Ronald McDonald House where they donated the microwave to be used by families who are staying there. Good stuff.

Do you remember back in December when my migraine doc prescribed yoga and then told me that she wanted to see me in three months to talk about how much I love yoga? This morning was the three month appointment.

Migraine Doc: Well? Has anything changed since our last appointment?
Me: As of today, I’ve practiced yoga for 88 days in a row.
Migraine Doc: Really?!
Me: IT’S BECAUSE OF YOU! You made me do this, and I’m not sure why I resisted for so long and if the sun refused to shine I would still be loving you. When mountains crumble to the sea, there will still be you and me. And so today, my world it smiles, your hand in mine, we walk the miles.
Migraine Doc: What?
Me: Led Zeppelin.
Migraine Doc: Is anything else going on?
Me: I caught ringworm from my cat, but we’re still friends.

I then told her about my current headache and that I think it’s just a remnant from Holy Week and I told her about my digestive stuff and how I’m self-diagnosing myself with Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth and she said, “Yep. That’s a popular one these days.”

And then I reminded myself that working on medical projects does not make me a doctor. (I think I would have been a decent doctor, though. Especially since my headache preventative also prevents me from crying.)

Before I left the office, the doctor told me that I’m awesome and I’m blessed. And I am. And so are you. (Even if you haven’t scraped bird brains out of your carpeting.) ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

10 thoughts on “Everything just keeps happening.”

  1. I’m glad that I have not had to clean up parts of the rats the Albus has brought us, just whole ones. I helped raise money to build the Ronald McDonald house in Tulsa OK when I was a teenager in 4-H. It was my most favorite, heart warming charity. Harper is awesome.

    I think I’m blessed. Sort of.

  2. One day when I was pregnant with my third son, I was working from home. I let the dog in from outside and sat back on the sofa in front of my laptop, and then the dog vomited an entire bird onto the carpet at my feet. I called my husband while weeping and wailed, “Our baby cannot learn to crawl on this bird carcass infected carpeting!” A few weeks later we installed laminate flooring. It’s still there. It was a good decision. Both the dog and the kid (now 5) are fine, by the way. Your story reminded me of this moment in time, so thank you!

  3. Our dog ALMOST caught a squirrel, who turned out to be dying (thus, I think, his lack of escape acumen). Fortunately all of this (Here I typed a long description of our crazy creepy squirrel adventures- but then I remembered that sick animal stories might make you sad -and you already have a headache- so I’ll just say that we did our best for the poor fellow and he did NOT die at the hands of our doggie, but of apparently natural causes) occurred in the great outdoors.

  4. I am having the best day for earworms. This morning it was Bad, Bad Leroy Brown thanks to a friend on Facebook, and now it’s Thank You, which is high on my list of favor Led Zeppelin songs.

    Kind woman, nothing more.

  5. I have also had a headache for three days. I thought it was the weather and pollen but maybe Holy Week?

  6. My dear friend found a mangled-up dead bunny under her car the day before Easter. :-|

    Also, I owe you a thank-you card, which is forthcoming, but know in the interim that I’m so very grateful. For you and for lavender and for so so much more.

  7. We have cleaned up mouse and squirrel corpse bits over the years. And once my cat brought home a nightcrawler (very large earthworm that, unsurprisingly, come out at night) and deposited it in the middle of my pillow. I awoke to a wet slimy cheek and a very proud kitteh. Earthworm went out the window, alive and intact but seriously embarrassed.

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