What dreams may come before I’m woken by alarms?

The Tour de Fleece is winding down, and it has been a fairly successful one.

Black Rainbow is a 50-50 Black Alpaca/Silk blend chain plied into a light worsted weight.


Bayberry is a 60-20-20 Merino/Baby Camel/Silk blend that is now a 2-ply chunky skein with cowl potential.

Jumbleberry is a 50-50 Merino/Tencel blend fractal spun into something that might just be sock weight.

My next freelance gig starts in a week, which means I have about seven days to finish The Clasp and get started on Heroes of the Frontier. I’ll finish the Cormo wool that’s currently on my wheel. I’ll head to Chicago to smell yarn for a few days. I’ll make sure the girls have everything ready to start school on August 9.

I’ve mentioned several times that I share only 17% of my world with you. I believe the 17/83 formula has worked fairly well for the past 15 years. Oh, but please know that Shit is going DOWN in the 83, and I would totally appreciate it if you would raise your right hand toward St. Louis right now for a supportive high five. (I never say things like “Shit is going DOWN.” We’re still friends, right?)

Biggers. Betters. Raging against the dying of the light. More vague annoying references that have nothing to do with your day.

Last week the girls did some of this and I learned the difference between cranes and egrets.


(Cranes have shorter straight necks and egrets tend to hold their necks in an S shape. (I graduated from Physical Therapy on Tuesday, so I’m now more of a crane than an egret. And that’s good, because life is FULL of egrets!)) ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

9 thoughts on “What dreams may come before I’m woken by alarms?”

  1. OOOH – love the yarn! So pretty!

    I’ll send up some good thoughts for you & your 83%.

  2. I appreciate the lesson on cranes versus egrets. I will try to remember with “Egrets regret holding their necks in an S and need physical therapy.”

    I hope the shit that is going down goes down smoothly. That sounded gross. <3

  3. Air five!

    “Maybe all one can do is hope to end up with the right egrets.” —Arthur Miller

  4. Supportive High Five….NOW! Did you get it? I hope it hit you so hard that it made your hand sting in a good way, if that makes sense.

    On vacation, I saw this giant loom like thing in someone’s front yard. I thought “wow! They are seriously spinning some wool.” Turned out to be something fishermen wrap nets on so they can fix tears and stuff.

  5. I am having very conflicted feelings about St Louis right now. To be honest, I’m having very conflicted feelings about this entire country right now.

  6. Egrets are fine. Regrets are not. Everything happens for a reason, so while I am air-high-fiving the crap outta you right now, remember that in the end, you and yours will be FINE and you are much beloved! XOXOXO!

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