Adieu to disappointment and spleen, Jane Austen.

The second eight-week session of my yoga class started up last night and the teacher pushed me (figuratively, obviously) and I hated myself and then I loved myself and then it was time for shavasana and she put the following music in and tears hopped out of my ducts and dripped off of my ears onto the mat.

Please step out of the room before you start rolling your eyes at the music because I really can’t handle emotional invalidation right now. (You and I are still friends, but please know that *I* don’t roll my eyes at *you* when you’re feeling brittle. Also, walk a mile in my shoes and everyone is struggling with something you don’t really know about. Okay, then. I forgive you. Let’s hug. No. Not like that. Like this.)

Speaking of my shoes, tomorrow these will be arriving and sometimes I feel weird that new shoes are so invigorating for me, but also? I’m tired of feeling weird, so screw it. New shoes!


I have plans for these shoes and those plans involve adventures!

Speaking of adventures (and strained segues), we went to Colorado for four days last week. Some people spend their days dreaming of their next trip to the ocean. For me, the ocean is beautiful, but the mountains are Everything. (With a capital E!) Mountains are enchanting and unachievable and strengthening and everyone looks foxy with a mountain in their background.

(Not Completely Convincing Yet Completely Unfiltered) Proof:


Check it. You might not be able to see the mountains, but you can definitely smell my libidinousness. I’m windblown! I’ve licked my lips so much that all traces of Carmex have vanished! I want to make out with a tree!

(Here are just a few of my coniferous boyfriends.)


As soon as I saw this Aspen, I knew I wanted to be inside of it.


Here I am getting down to clown with a monumental statue (pun weak, but totally intended), and I didn’t even catch his name.



I have so many things I could tell you about this trip. I found a new favorite beer. I smelled marijuana. (I SMELLED it. Shut up!) I touched snow. I was able to spend some time with one of my very favorite people and we focused on Aspirations instead of Remember Whens and I hitched my wagon to a star and Dear Lord I Love Colorado.

Family photo taken inside Red Rocks Amphitheater, where the dazzling beams of contentment inside my head escaped and bounced all around us:


And now we’re back and I’m feeling more than a bit crestfallen. BUT, it is better to have admired mountains and returned home than never to have drunk a sour beer at all.

Also, I bought new socks.

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7 thoughts on “Adieu to disappointment and spleen, Jane Austen.”

  1. I’m not rolling my eyes at you. I swear the changing of seasons also makes me weepy! And I love your new shoes/socks :)

  2. I too have felt a bit brittle lately. I blame the news. And also the (constant but strangely poignant at the moment) realization of how time quickly flies. I like the music, although I’m a bit perplexed by the musicians’ garb……
    And – I’ll see your mountains and raise you a mountain stream …..water flowing anywhere is my jam, but mountain streams…..yes please!!

  3. This post is Everything. Even the song. I, too, am a full on Mountain Mama. The best part is I get to live surrounded by them. And now I’m off to investigate the sour beers.

  4. Your folks and Lynn and I both made trips out west this year, and yes we got far enough to see the mighty Rockies even though we didn’t get that far to be in the Rockies we could see them. We did drive through the Black Hills which are really mountains. We did make it to Mile High Denver we were on the east side and because of the wild fires we were just able to make out the mountains on the west side of Denver and were totally unable to see Pikes Peak as we made the turn east.

  5. That was the best I’m-putting-myself-out-there-please-be-kind thingy I have ever read. And I love your socks. And your shoes even more.

  6. I was fully prepared to roll eyes, clicked the play button, and fell into a deep soothing calm. There was an audible thud as my blood pressure fell. I now have it bookmarked on my work computer for those days… oh thooose days.

    thank you

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