He is my fry guy.

Last night as you were sleeping, hackers broke into my website and replaced my main page with an ad for something about UFOs. (I probably was not sleeping, as I maxed out my Candy Crush lives three times when I should have been sawing the logs. Candy Crush. I am not proud.) Anyway, because the world is such an unpredictable place, we may as well get this NaBloPoMo gig started a day early, don’t you think?

Also: I have jury duty tomorrow for the first time in my life. If there has been a murder (or something similarly electrifying) and I am chosen to serve, voted foreperson of the jury because I’m wearing red Mary Janes, and then sequestered until Christmas or beyond, please know that my mind may be in that courtroom but my heart is with you. It’s always with you.

And we’re off.

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10 thoughts on “He is my fry guy.”

  1. We love Freddy’s! Wish we lived closer to one. Hey, here’s an idea, would be fun to meet you at a Freddy’s sometime!

    Sorry to hear that your website was hacked.

    Good luck at jury duty. If you’re chosen to serve on a case, I hope that it’s an electrifyingly interesting case. I was on a jury on a pretty dull case years ago, and part of the strategy of counsel on both sides seemed to be trying to put jurors to sleep. Everyone spoke in deliberate monotones… It was a wonderful feeling of relief when the case was settled during a break.

    Happy Halloween!

  2. Bring a good book to read and your knitting (if the courthouse will allow knitting needles). You will be doing a lot of sitting around and waiting.

  3. I was supposed to have jury duty this week too. I got
    Mine postponed to mid December because of a medical appointment this week. Good luck. I think the red Mary Janes is a good idea. I’ll have to remember to wear my red Birkenstocks.

  4. Flexing my commenting fingers and taking excited deep breaths in anticipation of NoMoBlahPo. Also, looking forward to seeing some of my favorite people around your place again (Waving cheerfully to Granny)

    You? Sequestered until Christmas?? Sorry, but just not possible. You would combust in the jury box if they even suggested such a thing!

    Sure would make NoMoBlahPo a bit of an oxymoron though: 30 days of “Still on jury duty — not allowed to talk about it” Oh well.

    Enjoy the experience whatever the outcome. I’ve always found it enlightening. Not necessarily enjoyable (especially not for the defendant) but always enlightening.

  5. Hey – I’m going to NaBloPoMo too! Oh, and I’m a NaBloPoMo virgin. :) This Should be interesting. I’m anticipating lots of TMI and laughter. I hope.

    I would be interested to know if you are, indeed, allowed to bring knitting needles into the courthouse. Now I want to to buy a pair of red Mary Janes.

  6. Okay. As someone who’s served on eight different juries over the years, and who’s been called to sit in the “lounge” — crowded, with flourescent lights and uncomfortable chairs) another twenty times (I’m a retired civil servant, it comes with the territory) — I can tell you it will be interesting. If you aren’t selected, it’s interesting how the jury selection process goes. If you are selected, it’s interesting how all kinds of people come together and take it very seriously, this process we have. And it’s always interesting to see what some people will do and say as they go through life.

    (Waving back to Carroll! I don’t get here as often as I used to because life happens and sometimes one thing has to wait for another.)

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