We’re ready to roll, Pantsuit Nation.

It is finished.
We’re good.

Dorian Gray is a Sexy MF

The following words appear in the pattern description:
“This shawl is a quiet reminder that hate doesn’t have to win, and that tolerance is grace. When you wear it I hope you remember to be gentle on yourself as well as your fellow humans or gift it to someone who could use a little extra love.”


Pattern: Rainbow Warrior by Casapinka
Yarn: Three Irish Girls, Adorn Luxe “Dorian Gray” and “Sexy MF”
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9 thoughts on “We’re ready to roll, Pantsuit Nation.”

  1. Whew!

    Also, wowza, that was fast!!

    Such a perfect pattern description — kind of like those tea bags which promise serenity, brotherly love, and an abundance of mother’s milk (if needed)

    Ever think about giving up your day job and knitting your little heart out to sell stuff like this?

  2. Phew, so glad you completed it in time, thank you for working so hard for world peace. What a beautiful sentiment, you are so clever to be able to work this message into the pattern. Every little helps,in the world.

    Beautiful shawl as well. xx

  3. Thank you. Really. I can’t thank you enough. Seeing you finished the shawl is one thing, but reading the words that described the pattern finishes it all nicely. Plus, the shawl is beautiful. Just like our world is going to be when Tuesday is finished and we can all think about hopeful things. Thank you for knitting your heart out for all of us.

  4. LET’S GO PANTSUIT NATION! And wow, what a beautiful shawl, made exponentially even more amazing with the incorporation of Sexy MF. Get it!

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