Forever Hopeful for Indigo Girls

On June 8th, Jeff and I went to see Tig Notaro and she was charming and funny and exactly what we needed. And because I always think I need a shirt, I bought a shirt.


Places I Have Worn My Tig Notaro Shirt:

  • The Delmar Loop (for ice cream! and cheese sticks!)
  • The subdivision, while walking a lap
  • The library to check out Life After Life
  • Pride St. Charles (Photo proof below! It was hotter than the sun and at one point I thought I would die, but I didn’t.)


Meredith Says I Cannot Wear My Shirt To These Places:

  • Church (although I really don’t think they would mind)
  • School (office, football games, or band concerts/competitions)
  • Her friends’ homes or my home when her friends’ parents might appear
  • Places with potential mourners
  • Daycare facilities

And, really, I can wear the shirt wherever/whenever I want. It’s just that Meredith doesn’t want her teachers or friends (or small children) to picture me like this:


I can respect that. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

5 thoughts on “Forever Hopeful for Indigo Girls”

  1. Love Tig Notaro AND your new shirt.

    Meredith is at that age when almost anything you do will embarrass her. What a nice mom you are to try to mitigate that in some small ways.

  2. Daycare facilities? Your awesome tatoo makes you too punk to hang with short people in diapers (daycare or assisted living).

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