Acting funny, but I don’t know why.

Things are happening on this end. First off, I believe my comments are being hacked by Russians, and that probably isn’t true at all, but I *am* getting entirely too many meaningless comments and links from someone whose name looks Russian and I’m not even going to use the word collusion here because even seeing that word ruffles my feathers, and I would rather stay peacockian. (I recently read that peacock feathers represent a pure soul. You should hang out with me sometime. My pure soul is a gift I like to share.)


But enough about the Russians! (Somewhere in Russia is a person (or many people) with whom I could hang out and eat food and drink whatevers and talk about music and books. I hate that I will probably never meet that person.)

My parents are moving into a house that is approximately 12 minutes away from my house. Because they currently live 47 minutes away, the 70 minutes I’ll soon be saving on the back and forth can be applied to something elseā€”like the creative writing class I’ll be taking in November! The class description holds the word Unleashed, so God only knows where we’ll be two months from now.


Finally, if you’re local: Please know that I’m selling local honey. A local farm ships their honey to a friend in Springfield. Said friend infuses the honey with amazing herbs and fruits and whatnots and then I sell it out of my house. Flavors include: Bee Raw (it has pollen floating in it, which is just weird and crazy good), Show Me State (it’s barbecue honey and tastes amazing on roasted vegetables), LaZENder (it holds chai spices and lavender, and I have the honey version AND the maple syrup version), and Purple Haze (lemon peel and lavender and vanilla extract and a single hair from the arm of Jimi Hendrix). ((I’m kidding about the hair.)) Anyway, if you’re interested, I can hook you up. Just shoot a message my way. (I’m a horrible salesperson. Just know that this is good stuff. The best stuff. The stuff I’ve been addicted to for the past two years.) I am Oprah Winfrey, and this honey is my favorite thing. My pure soul would not deceive you.

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6 thoughts on “Acting funny, but I don’t know why.”

  1. Hi, wanted to be first to respond.
    Just cause we love you and to let you know we are still here YUM YUM.

  2. The odd comments thing has been happening to me on my Flickr account. It took me a while to figure it our because I always want to be polite and respond to commenters, but things turned weird fast.

    I am excited to hear more about the creative writing class!

  3. I took an art class with the word ” unleashed ” in the title! Ha! I learned I had nothing inside me to unleash in the art skill category :)

    Your honey sounds lovely.

    (That’s a weird statement. Don’t use that in your creative writing class. )

  4. I’m trying to be brave enough to sign up for a writing workshop in November; I have a story I want to tell, and even though I don’t know if anyone else would ever want to read it, I don’t think I care. I just want to write it.

    And, I think if I had some of that LaZENder honey, I would feel braver. ;)

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