And now I just sit in silence.

On Friday evening, Harper and I went to the Enterprise Center to see Twenty One Pilots. Jeff surprised us with the tickets on Tuesday night and Oh, So Much Joy. (The seats were amazing. We’re so lucky.)




Twenty One Pilots 10/18/18

I take pills to keep my brain (and transverse colon) working. As a result, I am physically incapable of crying. Ah, but when Twenty One Pilots sat down fairly close to us and played my favorite song? I felt lachrymosity.

And when the show was almost over and they played Leave the City?
My lip. It quivered.

Music definitely knows my shortcut.

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  1. I was there too! Those two are seriously awe inspiring! It was an amazing show for my nephew’s first concert. ;) Way less embarrassing than New Kids on the Block, which my first one!

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