Do you smell that? Could it be a bonfire?

This is a Russian Pumpkin, meaning it’s a White Russian made with fresh pumpkin syrup.


This is warm pumpkin bread pudding with pumpkin ice cream.


Today I am wearing this jacket.


The leaves are turning red, I’m back to twice daily hot tea, and I’ve been wearing my Jackson Hole hoodie to bed. Marching band season is winding down, I finished The Miniaturist this afternoon, and my Swing Left socks will be off the needles just in time to vote. Autumn. My favorite.

3 thoughts on “Do you smell that? Could it be a bonfire?”

  1. That’s it! I am coming to St. Louis (well, maybe, hopefully someday…some one of these days) and we will go to the place that makes that ice cream…and the place that makes those tacos from the other day….and probably Sonic (because oh boy!) …and a bunch of other places. Much fun will be had! (Someday)


  2. Happy voting, may the force be with you.

    700,000 of us Brits marched last weekend to protest about Brexit, many funny signs. I love out humour. Also we need to excuses such as leaves turning red to imbibe hot tea several times daily. We are lucky subjects of the Queen.

    Pumpkin bread pudding! This is a thing? Jealous!

  3. Another marching band mom here. My girl and her roadie dad are on the way to St. Louis right now for the BOA super regional. Glad the season is winding down (wow – these kids work hard) but will be sad for it to be over. If you happen to be there with yours, keep an eye out for Walton High School from Marietta, GA and the cute girl on vibes with pink(ish) hair! :-) Love your blog!

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