28 down. 3 to go.

1. I was unable to access my website earlier today because my username and password had somehow been changed. Understanding these issues and caring about them has become increasingly difficult for me. I just want to type, you know?

2. I’m all zonked on migraine meds right now yet I AM STILL HERE UPDATING THIS WEBSITE. Tenacity!

3. This morning Jeff and I had breakfast with friends. During breakfast, I told a very inappropriate joke. Sometimes I get all excited to have friends and suddenly I get nervous and I should probably retire my all-time favorite joke because every day finds it becoming less funny. BUT, the important takeaway? This morning Jeff and I had breakfast with friends. And (if you can ignore the joke) it was perfect.

4. I’m reading and listening to a book titled Do No Harm, and I AM IN. It’s all brain surgery and short stories. And so is my life, really.

5. This song is good for this time of this day.

2 thoughts on “28 down. 3 to go.”

  1. ^What Brenda said. Besides, it’s just among friends! You do know you have really truly for real internet friends who love you no matter how insecure you feel about us, right?

    Also, I sure hope those migraine meds are working for you now, Kiddo!!!

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