I once bumped into Jack Black at an Aimee Mann concert.

Dear Lord, you guys. You would probably laugh if you could see just how frustrated and pouty I’ve been today because of this website. (Please know that our friendship would probably take a hit if you actually laughed. Give me a few days and maybe we’ll laugh together.) It’s all so boring, so just know this: In the past few months, Fluid Pudding has been taken over by people in Russia and China, and these people are NOT on my approved admin list. (I can’t even TYPE Russia and China without pronouncing them in a very Trumpian way, and that makes me hate myself.) Resolving the issues with my host? It’s awful. I walk away feeling old and embarrassed about not knowing what I don’t know. I’m three inches away from saying, “I wrote at Fluid Pudding for over 17 years. The End.”

(I started Fluid Pudding a little less than a year before I made out with Harry S. Truman.)

trumanmakeoutparty copy

Let’s change the subject.

I went to the gynecologist yesterday, and as I sat on the table with a paper blanket covering my privates, I studied a chart that eventually revealed that I weigh too much to have a baby. I can’t have a baby for many reasons—mainly because I no longer have a uterus—but I never really thought my weight would blackball me.

I rode in an elevator with Carol Channing once and she was really hateful.

I’m thinking of growing my hair out again.

See? These are the things I write about at Fluid Pudding. If I stopped writing, you would never know that I’m thinking of growing my hair out again.

Like this.


Also, Carol Channing.

3 thoughts on “I once bumped into Jack Black at an Aimee Mann concert.”

  1. Have you considered Typepad? (Unless of course you are using them already.) You can choose the level of services and fees you want, and they say you can contact them for personal support if you want. There’s a fee of course, but you can’t just step away from 17 years of work. That reminds me, I need to go to your blog and catch up on the two years I missed.

  2. I would advise against Typepad. My blog used to be there, and periodically — like every month or two — it would misbehave. Badly. The blog has been at WordPress for over three years and only once has WP misbehaved. I can handle that level of mischief.

  3. I kept checking when bad things were happening (and my browser kept warning me), and worried that you’d give up and I wouldn’t know how to find you and it would make me really sad not to be able to read your writing. So, a) fight the good fight (please!), and b) are you on any other social media sites so if something goes badly wrong here we can still find you?

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