Kidneys. Gallbladder. Colon.

Sometimes you run into someone you haven’t seen in a while and you ask them what’s new and they say something like, “Not a whole lot, except I had a hysterectomy a few months back, and oh wait! Someone gave me a kidney!”

On the outside, they don’t look much different. But their innards? Things have gone and things have shown up in there and you just have to take your friend’s word for it because you’ll probably never gain entry to check things out for yourself.

Last week my website was hosted by one company, and now it’s hosted by someone else and the uterus and tubes and ovaries might be gone, but oh, this bright and shiny kidney is filtering my blood like a blood filterer should filter!

Good stuff. BUT, please know that complications are to be expected. Like, unwelcome comments about porn and more porn. (As opposed to the WELCOME comments about porn and more porn.) ((I don’t really welcome ANY comments about porn. Or more porn.))

This is what I’ve been eating lately (Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheerios!), and if I don’t stop soon I’m going to need a better gallbladder.


Ten years ago I showed you my colon, which pretty much negates what I said up there about never gaining entry to your friend’s insides. I would add a link to that post in a way that doesn’t seem harsh and burpy, but right now I can’t! So I’ll just do this instead.

Colon Firth—The Final Innard Entry

5 thoughts on “Kidneys. Gallbladder. Colon.”

  1. Looking good, at least on the outside.
    I’ve been eating Very Berry Cheerios. I’ll have to look for chocolate peanut butter.

  2. Yet again you lead me down the slippery slope of food cravings I would never have had were it not for you. (See “pig candy”) Who knew such a delicacy as chocolate peanut butter cheerios even existed in this wide wonderful world of ours.

    Also, your friend Chirs Rock? That spiffy new banner totally rocks this place!!

    How happy your day must be to begin with bananas, chocolate and peanut butter, and to culminate in the reconnection with friends who would have been eternally sad if you had not been able to resuscitate Fluid Pudding!

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