Rick Astley is not a good role model.

I am an organ donor. Hell, I’ll give you an organ right now if you need it. I read up on living donations over the weekend, so I’m ready to toss a kidney at you. A lung. One of my two liver lobes. Part of my pancreas. A few feet of intestine. Blood. Bone marrow. Skin. If it can save someone, I’ll give it up.

Warning: My transverse and descending colon are no good. You wouldn’t want those guys. Similarly, my uterus flaked a few years back so I had to kick it out.

Crazy Uterus

When I’m no longer living, I want to be stripped for parts. I won’t need to pack anything for my trip, and I would hate to think that I’m holding on to something that might make a huge difference for someone else.

A friend of mine lost her husband last week. He was waiting for a liver. He had been waiting a long time for a liver.

The back of my license has been signed and I’ve told everyone who might have to make a tricky decision someday that my organs are up for grabs. My whole body. Whatever.

My promise: I’ll try to stay healthy from now until Go Time. To do that, I’ll be dropping a few lazy habits and picking up a few hearty ones.

The photo below shows my proudest moment from 2016 and it’s bullshit that I can no longer do it. Had I kept practicing, I would probably be able to balance (and maybe spin!) on one finger by now.


Damnit, let’s all take care of ourselves. Let’s all take care of each other.

2 thoughts on “Rick Astley is not a good role model.”

  1. I signed up after reading When Death Becomes Life: Notes from a Transplant Surgeon a few months back. I feel the same, I won’t need them where I’m (hopefully?) going. And if hell’s a thing, then I won’t spend eternity having them pulled out. Win-win?

    And effing crow pose. That’s my 2019 yoga goal.

  2. Hi, I am way impressed you can/could do the crow . Is this the correct terminology? I’ve restarted Yoga after a hiatus. I have done 4 sessions of Bikram therefore I am hardcore, however Saturday’s session kicked my butt so I fearful of tonight’s ( Monday) I have one of those free 21 day passes so I am getting my money’s worth out of it, until my bod flakesout(or pass out on my mat). I am sleeping better though.

    I have heard of charcoal lattes and embrace oat milk as my plant milk of choice ( yee haa no more trying to tolerate soya milk, or nasty grainy separation in my precious coffee),however I am cautious of embracing a charcoal latte. I can be slow to embrace things e.g. like Netflix. I’m probably still in 2010 or something.

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