Things That Recently Sparked Some Feelings

Harper turned 14 and Meredith turned 16. Combined, this means I have 30 years of parenting under my belt. (I don’t own a belt.) Harper and Meredith are funny and smart and their hearts are gigantic (figuratively). Humans can be unpredictable. I’m so happy these two are who they are right now. They would rather I not post photos of them, so I WILL post photos of them. However, I will cover them with cats.


Because I’ve been a little loopy lately, my doctor gave me a dementia test. (I do not have dementia, which I guess means that I failed the dementia test?) She then took away my headache preventative and gave me a different SSRI and that resulted in monster headaches and not-so-poetic ruminations on death. SO, I’m now back to smelling a little demented and I’m just fine with that. (It smells like chamomile oil, and then I layer additional scents by rolling on a combination of orange, black pepper, and ylang ylang!)

Meredith is now a licensed driver. A few nights back she drove Harper to the store to buy Oreos and M&M’s [sic], and they bought those things with their own money. (See Paragraph #1, above.)

I don’t visit my website very often, and a few days back it occurred to me that I’m no longer receiving e-mails when someone leaves a comment. This just means I’ve been EXTRA bad at not responding to comments. (With the help of iThemes, I think we’re all fixed up now!) Anyway, I wanted to give a quick shout out to Stephanie, who commented a few days ago. Thank you so much for stopping by! You are not the least bit creepy! You are the anti-creepy! I love that people still visit me here. Thank you to everyone.

Because of the amount of time spent with marching band parents, I’ve managed to become friends with a good number of them. Last night, while drinking a raspberry seltzer in a gazebo with four other band parents, I heard not one, but TWO “this is how I disposed of the body” stories. How in the world have I come to deserve this wonderful life?!

12 thoughts on “Things That Recently Sparked Some Feelings”

  1. “So, how DID you dispose of the body?” What a conversation starter!

    I am so SO sorry you’re still struggling with all that darn headache stuff. Enough, already!

    You’ve done a great job with those sweet little cats of yours, Angela. Not sure how the other fur faces in your family feel about having felines in the house all of a sudden, but they sure are cute!

    1. Also, if Stephanie happens to be reading this, way to go on working up the courage to comment after all these years! Happily, Angela is one of the least intimidating and most responsive bloggers on the face of the planet. See? You even got a mention in her next post. You have arrived!!! :-)

  2. I was wondering when the girls would start feeling that way. It took longer than I expected. You were expecting Harper when I first started reading. Thanks for entertaining me.

  3. I hope they had the most spectacular birthdays. I don’t even know if I know what ylang ylang smells like, but I sure do like to say those words.

  4. Regarding migraines–Topamax made me pretty darn loopy! But the new Aimovig injectable anti-CGRP-whatever medication is the bomb! It’s expensive, but not as expensive as botox. One injection a month, which I do myself, and I have gone from 9-10 headaches a month (while on botox–it’s increased over the years–botox does still lessen the intensity) to 1 or 2 a month. That’s right, one or two migraines a month! That’s damn near a miracle in my book. Anyway, if that’s at all helpful great, if not, ignore.

    You have adorable cats. Cats rule.

  5. I really hate to hear that your migraines are giving you a hard time, because no one should ever have to deal with that, ever. It’s the worst. I love when you post. So do you have any tips on how to dispose of a body? Asking for a friend.

  6. Curious what the dementia test consisted of because my mom died of early onset Alzheimer’s. Any time I have a loopy moment, it causes minor panic. Also when my thyroid meds need adjusted, I get very loopy.

  7. Cannot believe the girls are OLD(er).
    I never really get involved other people’s health stuff but, interestingly enough, Youngest had a dna cheek swab to determine the best antidepressant for him and it was somewhat miraculous. So, if that’s part of the reason you’re taking the headache-inducing medicine…I’ll stop now.
    Love you.

  8. Hi, wasn’t it your birthday recently? I’m sure some social media portal told me so, except I can’t remover which darn one it popped up on. Anyway I hope you had a happy birthday doing things you enjoy and if it hasn’t been your birthday, put it down to me being generally addled and I’m popping by to say have a great day :) xx

  9. Ylang ylang is probably the best cellist ever.

    Also, that cat picture: thanks for the nightmares.

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