Next to music, yarn is best.

I will not be seeing “The Art of Racing in the Rain.” I can’t even think about the book without feeling the face pain I get when I cry like a cheerleader, and I didn’t even read the book. (I read “Racing in the Rain”, which is the young adult version of TAoRitR. When I finished RitR, I had to close my bedroom door and do a quick Sob ‘n’ Nap.) This morning I watched an interview with the actors from the movie, and I could barely get through the interview without inflicting TMJD upon myself. I’m medicated to the point where I’m physically incapable of crying, and someday I’m going to blow up like a gigantic combustible teapot.

(Also: Mass shootings. I’m pissed. We should all be pissed. I’ve reached the point where I think things like, “Well, if I’m meant to die in a white guy terrorist attack, I’m meant to die in a white guy terrorist attack.” Thinking things like that used to be akin to “If I’m meant to die by slipping on the bathroom floor and falling forehead first onto the horn of a baby rhinoceros…” Anymore, it’s akin to “If I’m meant to forget my debit card when I go to the grocery store…”)

I’m back from Chicago and it may have been my happiest Stitches Midwest experience yet. We tried on sweaters and rubbed yarn against our necks and ate cheesecake and I said the F word a lot (always appropriately) in front of my mom because we’re buddies.


Pictured above is the potential for four sweaters and three cowls. The three grey speckled skeins in the second column will be wound first so that I can dress like this in the fall:


(Actually, I’ll probably put a long-sleeved shirt under the sweater and wear it with jeans so I can be a little Gilmore Girls about it.)

Not pictured above is the linen Christmas yarn that will enable me to look like this in a year or so:


School starts tomorrow and we now have a freshman and a junior in the house. Let’s go ahead and call it fall, which means it’s time for marching band competitions, and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. I need to get started on that sweater.

5 thoughts on “Next to music, yarn is best.”

  1. Both in high school? How is that even possible??

    Thanks to you, I just ordered a “Class of 2032” shirt for our incoming Kindergarten kidlet. Mind blown!

  2. Oh man. I LOVE DOGS. I have two dogs and they are my hair children and I am that lady on the street who gets waylaid and is late because there was a dog and I had to stop and pet it and tell it what a good baby it is. I love all animals really. They are just the best and I dig them greatly. And people always think this must mean that I am all about movies like Marley & Me, and A Dog’s Purpose, and now The Art of Racing in the Rain. But I am most absolutely definitely not because I don’t really enjoy having my emotions kicked in the face, and that is the promise of every single one of those. “You’re gonna fall in love with a beautiful and perfect furry thing, and then we’re going to kill it.” Fuck no! I’m not paying for that. Get your treacly cry machine out of here, you manipulative jerks, and take your Hallmark grade plot and dialog with you!

  3. I’ve been telling Michael about that stupid movie for weeks and how there’s no way I’m going to watch it. Turns out he hasn’t been listening to me at all because last night, he read about the movie on his phone and said “Have you heard about this movie with Milo Ventimiglia and a dog?!? WE ARE NOT WATCHING THAT!” I might have thrown something at him.

    I want to pet all of that yarn.

  4. Please give us the names of your projects! I want to lust after your fiber and drool over pattern, but this is only possible if details are given.

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