Don’t eat a banana around me unless the radio is on.

Working from home seems nice, doesn’t it?
Carol Channing seemed nice, too.

Peek into my world:
I don’t have a full-length mirror, so this is how I try on clothes.


Every morning:
Get out of bed and shower.
Get dressed and look up all local pets who are currently missing, because if I see Melia, Lucy, or Olivia wandering around, I want to greet them by name.

Every night:
Wash face and put on pajamas.
Crawl into bed and arrange my legs into a diamond so the cats have a warm leg bed.
Look up all local pets who are currently missing. Think about how cold it is outside. Clench jaw. Tighter. Play Candy Crush until I fall asleep with my glasses on.

Unrelated, but sort of related:
My doctor (whom I adore) ((WHOM!!!)) switched up my medications this morning because I’ve been feeling challenged. Without giving you the actual details, let me just say this: If, in two weeks, you find me sitting in the corner chewing on frozen biscuits and listening to some bullshit Celine Dion sludge, please know that I need help. If, in two weeks, you find me sitting in the corner planning an adventure and listening to this, the proper switches have been flipped.

I bought this cleaning cloth last week when Jeff and I saw Ben Folds playing with the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra. (It was one dollar!) I’ve seen him (Ben Folds, but also Jeff) more than I’ve seen anyone, and his shows never get old. (Related: Photos of Jeff from 2003 look just like photos of Jeff from 2019. Like Ben Folds’s shows, Jeff never gets old. Dorian Gray.)


I’ll come back in a few days to talk about knitting. Why? Because I’ve been knitting.

5 thoughts on “Don’t eat a banana around me unless the radio is on.”

  1. for me it’s a Certain Someone eating yogurt. I’m *this* close to burning the house down every time I hear that foil peel back

  2. The nice thing about a mirror like that when you’re trying on clothes is that technically, you could be anyone. Which automatically gives trying on clothes mystique. I don’t know about you, but I think we could all use a little more mystique in our lives.

  3. I can usually figure out (by Googling) obscure references, or anything I’m unsure of on your blog –many times throughout the years. But I must be missing something when it comes to C. Channing. Can someone enlighten me?

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