I know you’ve worked so hard to hoist your own petard…


Everything keeps happening, and a lot of it is just so awful.

BUT! I went to the eye doctor this morning and then I drove to Trader Joe’s where I stocked up on dried apricots and raw cheese and rosemary nuts and THEN I scored a referral for a psychiatrist AND a colonoscopy!

And you may be saying to yourself, “Wait. Didn’t she just have a colonoscopy in 2014?” I did!


I also had one in 2009! (Click the link for photos of my insides!)

We will get through all of these things. (Unless we don’t. But we probably will. BUT we also need to keep fighting. Not WITH each other. More like FOR each other.)

One thought on “I know you’ve worked so hard to hoist your own petard…”

  1. That’s EXACTLY what I was saying!

    I love that you are taking care of yourself in so many ways right now. And I love that you know we will get through all of the everything. Big love to you for all things on this harrowing night, my friend!

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