Perhaps I’ll weave a placemat out of human hair.

I’ve been a fan of Erin M. Riley and her tapestries for a few years now. Her weaving is so intricate and the way she is able to weave text feels like magic to me. Everything she does is so beautiful, even when the messages are brutal. Look at this. It is woven. On a loom. With wool and cotton.

This morning my mom and I made a quick visit to the new yarn store and in a little over a month I’ll be spending time with my new little loom.


It’ll either be great or it won’t, but the fact that I want to learn something new means I’m not ready to die, which sounds a lot darker than I intended.

The funny thing about the song is that I can’t stomach it long enough to make it to the end. Tomorrow is another day. Try harder, fail faster, eat, pray, live, laugh, love.

3 thoughts on “Perhaps I’ll weave a placemat out of human hair.”

  1. Get out! That last one is woven too?????? The others, yes (well, but still I’m in awe) But the news clipping? I just assumed that was a multi-media art collagey thing. Wowza!

    Can’t wait to see what you end up creating.
    It won’t be like hers; not right off the bat anyway.
    But it will be yours, and it will be wonderful :-)

    Oh, but wait! You won’t get it for a month? Is your mama “surprising” you with it for Christmas?? Is it being hand-crafted by a troop of Norwegian loom-making elves as we speak??? Will you still be blogging (again) so we can be in on all this????

    (please say yes)

  2. I’d swear I commented on this already because WOWZA!!!! That last one is just impossible! I was sure that was some other sort of multi-media art piece incorporating an actual news clipping. You will be really good at this too, Angela (ok, maybe not *that* good — or at least not right away) But do we really have to wait a month? Is your mama giving it to you for Christmas?? Will you still be blogging (again) by then??? We **need** to know what comes of this!!!!!

  3. Saturday morning, as we drove by Heirloom, Michael said “That word can mean two different things.” I replied that “Yes…you could have a loom for hair but not a loom for heir.” Then we said the word over and over until it lost all meaning. I love that you are doing the yoga and the writing.

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