I voted for Michael Dukakis.

Did I vote today?
Of course I did.

(Full Disclosure: I voted ALAN! DAN! BETHANY! JESSICA! TRUDY! YES! NO! NO! NO! NO! YES!)

((I had no idea the final YES! issue was on the ballot, but a sweet paramedic told me he would appreciate a YES!, so I gave him one. Always support the sweet paramedics. And the not-so-sweet ones, too.))

After voting, I started knitting a hat.


If you look closely at the inside of my car, you’ll see a song by The Decemberists, my leg, a mask, and a snowcone invitation given to me by a five year old.


Today’s Joy: As I stood in line to put my ballot in the box, the 18-year-old boy in front of me asked if I could help him. (He had never voted before and wasn’t sure how to put the ballot in the box.) I was like, “I’ll help you if and only if you voted ALAN! DAN! BETHANY! JESSICA! TRUDY! YES! NO! NO! NO! NO! YES! Otherwise, see you later, SUCKER!” (I’M KIDDING! And also, I saw the bumper stickers on the back of his truck so I can say with 100% certainty that he did NOT vote ALAN! DAN! BETHANY! JESSICA! TRUDY! YES! NO! NO! NO! NO! YES! I’d still hand him an umbrella if he was stuck in the rain. Most of us are doing our best.)

2 thoughts on “I voted for Michael Dukakis.”

  1. I love that you helped a first-time voter today! A friend who was working a polling place this morning said she was thrilled at the number of young voters turning out in her area. Every time a first-time voter showed up and stepped out of the voting place (What are those little curtained cubicles called, anyway? I know they have a name! Booth? That’s it ((I think)) The voting booth!) the poll sitters all gave them a standing ovation. In her precinct at least they had a happy number of opportunities to stretch their legs.

    All of which led me just now to google the origin of the word poll in relation to voting. I mean, why *do* we call a place where one goes to vote a “poling place” instead of a “voting place”? Inquiring minds, mine at least, do want to know.

    I think you are going to love this:


    Was very tempted to just paste that whole thing right here in your comments, but hey — maybe you already know all about this. Or maybe you get charged by the word, or…

    I hope your Alan, Dan, Bethany, Jessica and Trudy (!!!!!) carry the day and that we all somehow manage to wake up to a brighter-than-expected world tomorrow.


  2. Just stopping by to find out if you shaved your head or are letting it grow. I’ve been doing the latter but considering the former.

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