Wait a second. This is not my house.

On Wednesday, September 19 in the year 2001, I started writing at Fluid Pudding. To celebrate that anniversary, I’m moving all of my stuff over to WordPress. And you know how moving really sort of sucks because of suitcases and things getting lost and I forgot toilet paper and all of that? Yeah. Please be patient with me. Please. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

16 thoughts on “Wait a second. This is not my house.”

  1. Welcome to your new home. I do hope your old truck makes an appearance at least once a year, maybe on Christmas Day, like Santa Claus.

  2. Whoa. Wow. Welcome!

    You threw me for a loop there. I thought I had been toying with my site in my sleep again.

    You’ll love WordPress. It’s sooooo easy. You don’t even have to buy it dinner first.

  3. Do you have to re-paint anything? Rip up some carpeting? I like it the way it is, all homey and clean.

    But dirtying it up will be fun, too.

  4. Why are you doing this to me on a Monday?? And I still miss the sepia-toned 1950’s street scene from Back in the Day.

    Let me know if you need any help wiping down cupboards and putting in contact paper. I’m very good at that.

  5. Yay! I was wondering why all of a sudden a bunch of FP posts popped up in my feed reader. Welcome to WordPress, I love it and hope you will too!

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