I know you’ve been wondering about it.

As you know, back in July I auctioned off a shawl to help fund my trip to San Francisco for BlogHer ’08. When the high bidder became the winner, I told her I was going to throw in a pair of handknit socks as a bonus. I then decided to add to the trip fund by selling more socks. (I know. You already know all of this. Sadly, I’ve become that person who tells you the same story 43 times. Outboard motor! Get it?! Out Bored Motor! It’s a joke about a worm! Hey! Do you want to hear a joke about a worm?) The specifics: I sold four adult-sized pairs of socks and seven sock ornaments in a 24 hour period. Those sales along with a freelance writing project purchased my plane ticket to San Francisco. And I still get all smiley with gratitude whenever I think about it.

The sock-knitting frenzy began in July, and I set the goal of knitting one sock per week until the adult-sized socks were completed. As of last week, they have all been finished off and mailed away.

V's Spring Forward
This is the very first pair of BlogHer socks. They went to the (very fun and super nice) woman who won the shawl auction. I was able to deliver them to her at BlogHer, which was a huge deal for me, since she was sort of the reason I was able to attend in the first place! (I would link to her, but I haven’t asked permission. Just know that right now I’m thinking her name really hard. If you are at all psychic, you’ll pick up on it.)

K's Waving Lace
This is a pair of socks I started almost a year ago as a Pay it Forward gift. When I found out that the recipient was going to be at BlogHer and that her birthday was coming up, I finished them and delivered them to her in San Francisco.

This is half of a gift pair for the woman who expressed disappointment that I wouldn’t be attending BlogHer. She even volunteered to donate money toward the cause, which sort of set my pants on fire in the I Should Really Try to Make This Happen department. When she found out that I was trying to raise the money, she offered a place for me to sleep at BlogHer. Seriously? Some people are So Unbelievably Kind. (These socks were delivered at BlogHer, too!)

Teri's Teosinte
The very first paid pair of socks were for a friend and former co-worker of mine. They were delivered at the end of August. The yarn? It’s Woolly Boully “Moonflowers” yarn, and it’s SO pretty.

Oreo Monkeys!
The Oreo Monkeys went out at the very end of August, too. Done in Koigu, they’re possibly the softest socks I’ve ever made. And, Bonus: They look like smashed up Oreos.

Boysenberry Monkeys
The Boysenberry Monkeys (also done in Woolly Boully) are on their way to Japan as I type this entry. How fun is that?! Believe me, it’s very fun.

Antique Monkeys
The Antique Monkeys were finished up last week and mailed off to one of my favorite internet friends. They should arrive in her mailbox today.

Sock One!
This afternoon I finished the first of the seven sock ornaments. (They are scheduled for mailing in late November or early December.) After that, I have two more pairs of gift socks, and then I can close the book on The BlogHer Sock Project.

Thanks again to all of my sock people.

And thanks to you for dropping by. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

19 thoughts on “I know you’ve been wondering about it.”

  1. You got mad sock knitting skills, that’s for sure. Where do you sell them?

    I have a pair similar to the last photo. My 6 month old son and I have matching sets. :-)

  2. I reemember you showing us a picture of a pair of socks you started- they were both on a singluar circular needle. Do you knit your socks that way? Every since I saw that picture I have been trying to figure out how you do that. Does that technique have a name?

  3. I was so happy to call home on Wednesday night and learn that SOCKS had arrived in our mailbox! Tonight I arrived home to find out just how beautiful they are, and how soft they are, and how cuddly they are . . . Wait a minute. I think my socks and I need a room.

    Thank you, Angie!

  4. zomg, these are all so freaking gorgeous! And just last night I was so proud of myself for knitting (no purl, just knitting) nearly a foot of scarf in one night. PSSSSH! Clearly I do not have skillz.

    And the yarn is SO pretty! I think my favorite is the last, the kind you used for the ornament.

  5. Dude, those socks are my VERY FAVOURITE PAIR. And now that the weather is cooling off, I get to wear them. I may never take them off — at least not until May 2009.

    So, you know, if you see me in May, that smell? Would be my beautiful but rather filthy socks.

    Just so you know.

  6. I am blinded by your sock knitting talent! Gorgeous, every last pair! Thanks to you I pause whenever I pass the yarn section in Hobby Lobby. Is this weekend the one in which I will take up sock knitting??

    Up to this point the answer to that question has consistently been “No,” but one day it will be yes. And I will inform you immediately.

    Also – I watched a homecoming parade on the street outside my office building last Friday! With a MARCHING BAND! And this weekend we are going to the pumpkin patch! I love autumn.

    And I want to hear more about the adventures of working in a yarn store.

  7. I am so inspired by seeing all these gorgeous socks! My goal for 2009 is to finally stop saying I WANT to knit socks and actually DO it instead.

  8. That’s really cool. Do you have any good recommendations for how to learn how to do that. A good book or website perhaps?

  9. Wow. You’re like the sock-knitting queen. Those are all so beautiful, and it’s great that you saw a generous outpouring from the knitting community. Knitters are so nice, aren’t they? Thanks again for knitting up my yarn!

  10. Everyone is talking about the socks in these comments. And the socks are gorgeous, to be sure! But, BUT! That WORM JOKE! OMG! My Dad has been boring us with that stupid worm joke since the beginning of time! I wasn’t sure anyone else even knew that joke! If you’ve forgotten the rest of it… he’d be happy to tell it to you. If you have half an hour to kill that is. Ugh!

  11. My socks! They arrived! In Japan!

    I looooooove them. Thank you, thank you, thank you Angela Pudding! They’re gorgeous, and look especially dashing as they brighten up the bland tatami mat floors.

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